You have a Choice



It’s hard to persuade people that there is another way of thinking, feeling, behaving other than the way most people think, feel and behave.  There are many who have never heard of another way and those who liked the idea but weren’t prepared to take it on and live it.  There are those who have tried but give up and those who see the light quite fast and begin to live them, to apply them and they see real healing and change in their lives and in themselves.

We don’t need to live in lack, in poverty, in wars, in sickness, in suffering, anymore.

When you look at life in terms of choice it becomes a lot clearer as to how there is another way.


You can get all anxious and worried about a situation or you can choose to remain calm, to pray and to trust. Yes, not easy, it takes practice but we can learn.

It’s a habit to get anxious and worry. What help is this to you? What are the effects of it on you? Why do you go with the habit of worry?  Journaling and thinking about these questions will really help you to get clearer about what you are doing and the negative effects of this pattern.

On the other hand, how will staying calm benefit you?

Remember, too, what researchers have found that when we are stressed we don’t think clearly.

You have a choice to go on suffering in this way or to change your experience by consistently practising to stay calm instead of worry. You can learn to replace the habit of worry and anxiety with the habit of calm and trust. This way you are choosing to think rather than allow your emotions to take you over, to respond rather than react and to take charge and focus on all that you want to create and attract into your life rather than what you don’t want.

Keep journaling about your experience to help you to get more and more awareness and be more prepared when the challenges come. This really makes a difference.


You can go the way of medication or choose to learn what your physical symptoms are trying to tell you.

Many feel powerless over their bodies.  If you wake with a headache or your stomach is nauseous, for example, you have a choice. Go the way of medication and feeling powerless, as if the headache or nausea is just bad luck, has come out of the blue, or take charge of your body and seek to understand what symptoms are telling you.  All physical symptoms are messages from your body that you are out of balance in some way. Think about this.

All physical symptoms are telling us something we need to listen to and learn from.  If you have an accident, break a bone, need an operation or ill in any way, while you go for medical attention you still need to think about why this lesson has come to you and what you are to learn from it.  Think about it, how it is affecting you and your life and in what way this experience is letting you know you are out of balance – and journal about it. Decide you will seek to understand the cause of these symptoms and what you need to change in your lifestyle.

Patrick Holford wrote about a doctor who set up a clinic in Norway dedicated to help people to deal with late-onset illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, so that they could avoid medication and take charge of their health. This was a few years ago but he was having great success.


Remember in every situation to think about the choice you have and the precious learning opportunity it is.



Love and Unity


Anytime fear tries to enter your mind, don’t try to fight it – this just gives it energy.  Quickly replace it by switching your attention to love, joy, peace, gratitude. Be patient. It takes practice.


Witness in the world how there is a growing understanding that the only way to solve our world issues is to work together in a spirit of love and unity. Seek out examples of this and share it.


Conversations that are fear-based increase our fear. Listening to the news and watching negative, violent scenes, keeps fear and separation alive. Make conscious choices.


So many are coming together to work together and speak out against separation, fear, greed, hatred and to believe in the power of working together for the greater good of all. See good.


So many are standing strongly for love and unity. The power of love grows as we seek to build it, attend to it and live it.



Self enquiry



Self enquiry is such an important part of learning, growing, healing, discovering the diamond that we truly are underneath all the mud on our diamond. As you work to understand what in you is causing you to get angry or hurt, to react, to get pulled into negativity, you begin to see how it is your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and interpretations that are the cause of your reactions. You begin to see how other people and situations are the trigger but not the cause.

You are acknowledging and looking into your own faults and weaknesses rather than being focused on what you think the other person needs to correct. It takes courage and being honest with yourself to acknowledge your part in any upset.

Now we resist this because we don’t want to see the cause as being within us and at first it doesn’t make sense to us.  You think but that person was so wrong, so unfair; it was the other person who reacted first; that person attacked me so I must stand up for myself otherwise I’m just being a doormat and how will they know how wrong they were if I don’t let them know by being angry with them, let them know how badly they made me feel.

Yes the other person most likely is acting from negative ego, too, but you don’t have to catch the dis-ease and react. This changes nothing and just keeps us stuck in repeating the same old patterns over and over.

We have looked outward for so long. We do this because this is what we learned. Also, we fear the idea of being wrong, the one who needs to correct behaviour because we deep down have such a poor self image.

The amazing thing is that as you have the courage and honesty to see your own part in any upset – and it’s essential to do this with love and firmness – you find all the beauty of your being and you have much more understanding of others and compassion for them. You are more merciful and less judgemental. You see how we are all dealing with the same old negative ego stuff and we are all diamonds, all Souls, on a Spiritual path home to the truth of who we are and why we are here.

Our tendency when we make a mistake, think we have been in the wrong, is to give ourselves a hard time. This is one habit we must unlearn and replace. Self abuse does not help us to learn, to improve. It only deflates us and leaves us feeling bad, wrong, unlovable, unworthy, a failure – confirming our false belief that we are not good enough. All illusion.

When you make a mistake, get angry, react, write about it in your journal so you understand why you reacted and tell yourself you do not want to do this again – you intend to learn, to improve, and you will work out how to help yourself to do this. Every day give time to listening to yourself, understanding why you reacted and being creative as to how to help yourself.

It can really help, too, to re-write the situation where you reacted with you responding the way you would like to. This firms up your resolution to improve and to be more prepared the next time this lesson comes up.

Keep determined to learn and improve and support yourself to do this and never give yourself a hard time.

Me Thinking versus Us Thinking


So long as I am caught in ego consciousness my world is all about me and mine – am I fitting in, am I safe, am I liked, am I doing the right thing, who loves me – It’s all about me, my concern is me and how everything affects me.

Think about this and see what you discover as you observe yourself and others in daily life – no judgement.

The only way out of this imprisonment is to start making that inner journey to connect with your Soul, your Higher Self and to seek truth. It is your belief that you are a physical body, an ego, separate and, so, constantly under threat, that has you all self concerned. As you make that inner journey to connect with your Soul, your Higher Self, you find truth. You discover how it is that your belief that you are separate, on your own, a physical body, has you deeply caught in fear and believing in all that you fear.

As you make that inner journey, you discover how your Soul, your Higher Self, is your inner compass, your guide, always there for you, waiting for you to connect and to ask and to listen. You will not hear this guidance until you make a conscious effort to turn to your Higher Self and seek guidance.

This happens as you take time every day to connect. Start by setting up time every day to meditate and journal. The ideal is to start your day with a daily silent hour. You might think this is impossible but if you really want something you make sure to go after it and fit it in – you make a plan for it, you schedule it.

It is a bit harder to motivate yourself to want that daily silent hour. It can seem like extra work and effort and you’re not sure how or whether it will benefit you. I can tell you from my own experience that this daily practice will change your life in such a good way and lead you to heal, to find meaning and to live a life of purpose. You will no longer be pushed around by the storms of life, caught in one emotion or another, reacting and suffering. You will understand so much more, and more and more as you persist and you will not only feel connected to yourself and in charge of your life and where you are going, you will feel connected to others and involved in making our world a better one. You will find yourself thinking in terms of we, us, and the greater good of all. This is where we all need to go.

Daily spiritual practice is essential if you want to change your experience, understand more and heal – move out of suffering and, instead, be involved in learning, growing, discovering truth. This is really living.


The Magic of Order



In one of the Journaling groups we have been focusing on order, looking at and aiming to understand it more.

We are asking ourselves questions such as –

What are the benefits of order as you see it?

Where are you ordered in your life and where do you find it difficult to be ordered?

In the areas where you find it difficult to be ordered, why do you think this is?

Do this exercise for yourself now and see what you learn from it.

For so many of us, a lot of the time, we have an experience of being a bit all over the place, pulled from one thing to another. There is a sense of “not enough time”, stress, lack of time for what we want to do. Fragmentation. This is very draining and can lead to feeling exhausted.

Some of the big benefits of order, as I experience it, are that I make much better use of my time and time expands – I have more of it, more time is available to me. And I find time to fit in what I want to fit in. I am no longer battling with time, as if there is not enough time. Order greatly reduces our experience of stress.

When you want to fit in something new, extra, to your day it can seem impossible – until you make a choice, schedule in the time you will do it and do it. It is amazing how it will slot into your day. In the beginning you might forget or put it off at times but if you stay determined and disciplined and choose never to give up, you will achieve it and benefit. You will learn so much about how you can order your day and fit in things you just didn’t believe you could. How you can manage time rather than feeling a victim of it.

Often fitting in something new means sacrificing something else such as extra time in bed. I can honestly say that the best way to start your day is with a silent hour when you meditate, journal, plan for the day and maybe even manage to read something spiritual and uplifting. This prepares you, centres you, connects you with yourself and your Soul, your guiding force and has you awake and in charge of your day.  Compare this with an extra hour in bed, fighting getting up – this is often a time when fear/anxiety thoughts and feelings get started and you are left not feeling in charge of your day.

Small examples of order would be that I charge my phone at the same time every day and in the same place; that I leave my keys in the same place each time I have finished using them; that I put the scissors back in their place after using them.

Then there is the bigger picture – getting up at a particular time and sticking to it, having a plan for the day, having a list of what needs to be attended to and allocating time to these, having a general sense of structure in your life – a time to meditate, to journal, to walk in nature, a plan for meals, for work. Order, routine, structure, planning, goals – are all part of it and all lead to having an experience of rhythm in your life

The key, spiritually, is to be both structured and organised and yet, totally flexible.

Making a Choice


The sky MB

There is a way of thinking that will keep you in inner conflict, suffering, anxious, experiencing lack, repeating tough lessons – and –

There is a way of thinking that will have you experience more love, peace, joy, harmony, abundance and all that you long for.

We have a choice.

Most of the time we are living unconsciously in a state of inner conflict, anxious, focused on lack and anticipating troubles. We are listening to the voice of the ego, separation and fear.  We are living outside of self, trying to manage life – asleep, unaware.

It’s in making that journey within that we discover truth and all the power, love and wisdom that is within us. We connect with our true selves, with the Soul.

The ego tells you to be afraid and that things are not the best.

Every day we need to practise thinking in new ways – realising how different it is to see what happens from the ego’s perspective and from the Soul’s perspective. Using our power to think and not giving our power away to our emotions. When we are caught in an emotion we are unclear and stressed. When we calm ourselves and sit and think, we find solutions. We are in charge of our energies and what we experience.

Every time you replace a negative thought with a spiritual positive one you are replacing the old faulty thinking and experiencing how this benefits you. Your mind and heart open up, your world opens up, your mind is renewed. You are enlightened.

Every time you refuse to express a negative emotion and instead transmute it by focusing on, for instance, love or harmony or joy, you are building these Soul Powers and making them stronger in your consciousness so that it becomes easier and easier to feel the beauty and upliftment of these and to experience these. You begin to enjoy these feelings so much that you realise how much you don’t want to experience the negative emotions. You realise how much the negative emotions create chaos and jagged energy in your field and why would you choose this very unpleasant experience when you could choose love, harmony, joy, peace, gratitude – all that you long for.

When you choose to think before you speak, to respond rather than react, to think carefully about your motives and to always practise self enquiry, you are mastering your energies in service of love. You are taking charge of your energies rather than allowing them to run you.

And every bit of work you do to master your energies in service of love and to choose to live in Soul consciousness, makes a difference to the whole of humanity. You are being of service in our world and increasing these energies in our world.

The Power of the Stories we tell ourselves


Many of us can feel we are unsupported, or no one listens to us or left out.  These can be some of the stories we live by and so we interpret life through the lens of these stories. This means I expect no support or not to be listened to or to be left out or whatever the story is that I tell myself. I see these things where others wouldn’t. I am focused on them and so I create them and magnify these experiences into my life.
It is so important to get to know the stories you tell yourself because what you expect, you look for and you attract. What you focus on increases.  This is a Law of the Universe.

So let’s turn it all around and see these stories from another angle altogether.  When you feel unsupported, the experience is telling you that you are not supporting yourself.  The healing of this pattern of suffering will come when you see this and take it on – when you recognise that the experience of support starts from within you.
You support yourself when you choose to love yourself and appreciate yourself and your giftedness – all you are and all you bring.  You support yourself when you believe in yourself, in the love, power and wisdom within you and live from this. You support yourself by giving time to listening to yourself with your journal – making space in your life for going within and listening to what’s going on for you. You support yourself when you recognise the Soul within you and all you have to give and give it, share it in the world. You support yourself when you make time to meditate and connect with your Soul.
If I believe no one listens to me the healing will come when I begin to listen to myself and to that “still small voice within” – when I make the journey to the within and find my true Self.
If I see myself as left out, overlooked, then I can heal this through recognising that this is just a story I tell myself because of earlier experiences in my life [our stories are generally related to early experiences in life].  Now I don’t need to be imprisoned by this story any longer and I can find healing through recognising how I leave myself out.