Working with the Law



What does it mean to work with the law and what is the purpose of the Universal laws?

The laws are there to keep us on track to discovering truth, to help us to understand why we suffer so that we can change this and to help us to understand how the cause of our suffering is within us. So if we want to heal and stop experiencing the same old lessons in life then we need to work with the Law – to discover them and apply them/live them so that they can help us. They are not there to punish us but to guide us to deeper understanding.

The cause of your suffering is not outside you even though that is a belief we have held for a long time in spite of it not helping at all. It’s also easier to see the faults of others while difficult to see our own but the more you work with becoming more and more aware of when you are upset and  why it is upsetting you, the more conscious you become. You are no longer pulled into feeling the victim of your suffering.

It’s not about changing others and making them understand – believing that this is what will make you happy. It’s about seeing lessons, upsets, as challenges and opportunities to learn exactly what you need to learn now so that you can progress on your Spiritual path and expand your consciousness, your understanding, growing in love and compassion.


Let’s focus on the Law of Cause and Effect. Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause.

If you have a headache or any other physical symptom, that is an effect. Don’t cover it over with a quick fix – ignoring this important message your body is giving you. Instead trace the effect back to the cause.

If you are experiencing anger or any other negative emotion, trace the emotion back to the thoughts, interpretations, beliefs, attitudes, that caused the negative emotion. Think about and understand what has caused the effect of the negative emotion and make adjustments. What do you need to clear and heal?

If you find you are playing a thought or experience over and over in your mind, take your journal and listen to what’s going on for you. It seems like something has upset you and your mind is dwelling on it, playing the experience back and so your emotions are getting stronger and stronger and the whole experience is growing out of all proportion. You need to write it down and make a choice. Do I want this to take me over like this and ruin my day? Or do I want to understand why it upset me, see it as a lesson and learn what it is teaching me? Then you need to work hard to let it go – so every time your mind focuses on the experience you use your personal power and say no and immediately think of something else, or sing or listen to music, choose love, joy, peace and so forth. It’s not easy but the more you seek to take charge and to not let negative thoughts and emotions take you over, the stronger you get and the more power you have to not let negativity and ego take you over.

I find it helps me to make a statement such as I am choosing love. I will not allow this negativity to take me over. Don’t get put out if the thoughts come up again just persist in not allowing them. You see you are focusing on the experience as unfair and feel put down, put in the wrong because of it and you want revenge. But that’s just the pull back into playing the negative ego, fear-based separative game which keeps you imprisoned in negative ego repeating the same old patterns. That’s what causes wars – being stuck in the same old thinking and believing it’s the only way to change things. Why do we keep believing that, when it never changes anything and just keeps the lesson repeating? As soon as you learn the lesson of a challenge you don’t need to experience that lesson again. That’s a lesson learned.



Solitude and time to connect


We need time with others and equally we need time in solitude, time to be quiet, time to connect and reflect.

Many avoid time alone, feel threatened by it. Write in your journal about your attitude to time alone.

When choosing what to do as a treat, not many choose time to be quiet, still, reflect and connect and yet this is such a wonderful way to nourish and replenish your Spirit.

Try walking barefoot on the grass, spending time among the trees, time in nature and becoming aware of energies.

Try sitting in a quiet place in your home, lighting a candle, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath.  Become aware of the present moment and energy.



The Universal Laws



The Laws of the Universe are there to help us to learn our way back to love and truth. So when we are off track, out of balance, stuck in some faulty thinking, belief, interpretation, attitude, we have lessons and challenges. These are not a punishment, bad, wrong for us. They are exactly what we need to show us what needs healing and clearing so that we can progress along our spiritual path. If we don’t heed these lessons and seek to understand what they are teaching us, they come back again and again until we do heed them, listen to them and seek to learn what they are teaching us. Each one of us, if we think about it, can see lessons, hard experiences that have been repeated over and over in our lives.

So we learn in the school of hard knocks until we take responsibility for ourselves and the suffering we experience and seek to understand what it means, what it is teaching us. We take leadership over our energies and stop giving our power away to the victim and powerlessness and blame.

To help us with this we need to work with the Universal Laws.

We all recognise some of the physical laws such as the law of gravity but most have never thought about the laws at the psychological level even though we are familiar with a lot of them.

Some of these are –

What you hold in the mind, you create, make happen, what you expect, you bring toward you.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”. Buddha

Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause.

What you sow, you reap. What you give out, you get back.

What you focus on increases. What you give attention to grows.

If you are feeling low its telling you something.  If you sit with your journal and listen using questions such as –

Why am I feeling low?

What do I think is causing this? Ask your Higher Self and Spirit to help you to understand.

Try to trace the feeling back to thoughts you have been entertaining.

If you persevere, you will understand what’s going on for you and what you need to do to clear and heal this experience.

It’s wonderful to make the effort to do this work and take charge of your energies rather than letting them run you. Now you are in charge and you have the power to make different choices and to change your experience.

The Joy of Silence and Just Being

“In today’s rush, we all think too much – seek too much – want too much – and forget about the joy of just being.” Eckhart Tolle

Most people are over-stimulated – caught in the rush of life with little or no connection to self.

Things like coffee, tea, sugar, alcohol, recreational drugs, cause over-stimulation and keep people on a false high and this increases stress. Then the low energy follows.

A lot of talking, socialising, busy-ness, keep people over-stimulated. We tend to keep filling in the spaces.

Think about the joy of just being. Write about it in your journal and what it brings up for you. Write about how you could make more space for this and for silence in your daily life.



The consequences of dwelling on negative stories


When you tell a negative story or dwell on negative stories, you keep them alive and strong and you are living in this negative energy, carrying it around in your energy field. It drains you, pulls you down into the energy of the story and the suffering you experienced. Also – and this is important – it keeps bringing this kind of energy towards you so that you experience more of what you found so painful.

What we focus on, what we give attention to, grows. So it’s important to stop living in this negative, draining energy and to understand how we can help ourselves to heal.

Why do we allow so much of our energy to be tied up in the past rather than using it to learn from the past so we can be clearer about what we want to create in our lives now?

It’s like the inner child is longing to be heard and understood, longing for someone to take this pain away. The inner child feels nobody understands the pain they experienced and keep experiencing. It becomes a familiar place.

It is good to experience a painful story being listened to and to receive the compassion of another but in some situations more is necessary so that we heal that experience. It is also very important to seek counselling for issues that are troubling you and to be ready to give this to yourself. There are times in life when most of us need help to sort things out and benefit greatly from this. This takes courage. It is those who want to grow and improve their experience who take this step. Sometimes this is enough to bring about healing but for some of us there are experiences that don’t get sorted out in these ways.

What is important is to listen to those stories yourself. Listen to what’s causing you pain. Journal about them and why they are still so strong in your life now. Change your attitude that you are a victim of them and choose to see them as part of your path. This is a big change in attitude and you need to choose to try it out and give it a fair chance. You might not accept this idea at all in the beginning. It’s a leap.

When you write about them, this can pull you back into the emotion so it’s important to write the story in just a few sentences and to focus on using your mind. You are acknowledging the emotion but you don’t want the emotion to take over so that you can’t see clearly and are stuck back in the pain of that emotion.

Then ask yourself why you live in this story? How does this serve you? What do you want?

Really listen to you and try to get a sense of how this old suffering is still causing you suffering and holding you in a tough place. Begin to get a sense that you have choice here.  Begin to say to yourself “I don’t need to feel this way anymore”. Feel the freedom of that.



Life is unfolding for our Good

Copy of sun-150x150

When something happens to upset us we react emotionally. If, instead, you calm your emotions and sit with your Higher Self and Spirit and take time to think about what has happened, you see solutions. You are in charge.

Adopt the attitude that everything is a challenge and opportunity and life is unfolding for your good. This is very different to our learned attitude to fear what happens, to anticipate troubles, our focus on expecting problems.

When lessons come they are showing us how we are out of balance, off track, and if we use our power to think and seek to learn from them, we realise how we are out of balance and then we can make the needed adjustments so that we don’t need that lesson again.

Now, we can know these things – the key is to apply them, to live them and this takes discernment, using our power to think, effort, journaling, meditating, making daily silent time, and very often this is where we fall down and let things slide.

We need order, structure in our daily life. We need to create a daily silent hour for ourselves, a time to meditate, journal, understand more, read uplifting spiritual work that stretches us, learn to understand how we can apply all the wisdom we are learning.

Personal Power is


Personal Power is the power in you –

To choose love rather than fear.

To choose the thoughts you allow into your mind and those you don’t allow.

To take responsibility for yourself and what you experience

To keep learning, growing, improving, progressing.

To be ready to acknowledge your faults and weaknesses, with love and forgiveness and to firmly work to clear and heal them.

To be true to your Self

To choose love rather than to be right.

To think before you speak.

To be clear about your motives

To choose to live a life of purpose and meaning

To give of your best

To make a difference in our world

To use your power to think and not give your power away to your emotions

To put up your Golden Forcefield of Love all around you first thing in the morning and any time you are experiencing other people’s negativity – surrounding yourself in love and understanding – real protection.

To replace a vice with a virtue; to switch your attention from negativity to spiritual, positive thinking and feeling.

To make conscious choices

To respond rather than to react.

To master your energies and use them in service of love

To sacrifice your lower self and to live from your higher self. To not give in to your ego but instead to choose the way of your Soul, the way of love.  seeing everything through the eyes of your Soul

To refuse to express a negative emotion while at the same time acknowledging it, taking responsibility for it as your own emotion and journaling to understand what in you caused it so that you can resolve it and heal it.

To move out of your comfort zone

To continually set goals and stick to them always seeking to improve.

To make daily /weekly plans, to have order and structure in your life [never rigid, always ready to adapt and yet not giving up on your plan or structure]

To overcome addictions, to set limits to TV viewing and use of screens, to get to bed at a certain hour so that you can also get up at a time that gives you the space to prepare for your day.

To never give up.

Personal power is about decisiveness, determination, courage, steadfastness, direction, discipline.

Personal power is a seed potential within you but you need to claim it and use it and use it for good.  You develop it by using it, setting goals and sticking to them and by realising how essential it is to your health, well being and growth. You have the strength and personal power within you that everyone else has.