The Centre for Active Empowerment

I want to let you know about our newly opened Centre.  A group of us have been working on this for the past year and we have finally opened.  We want to let people know so that we can reach as many as possible and together, create positive change.

The Centre For Active Empowerment   Opening 2nd Sept

57c, Townsend Street (above Noel Harrington’s office),


Our vision is to serve the greater good of all, to demonstrate courageous living, and to create together powerful new solutions to the challenges of our time.

Our mission is to
provide a positive, warm, welcoming place where people gather and contribute, and are empowered through sharing and activities – including group learning events, individual help sessions and collaboration for new solutions.


  • The main focus of the Centre for Active Empowerment is the meeting and greeting of all who come to the centre in search of support, change and learning.


  • We will listen to your experience and what you are seeking.  We also want to hear about your gifts, skills and resources and what is important to you.


  • We will encourage people to move from the focus on problems, limitation and powerlessness to understanding that we are empowered when we see what happens as challenges and opportunities and focus on seeking positive solutions. This understanding and focus enables us to see potential, possibility and new ways and encourages the discovery of our resourcefulness.


  • When we cooperate and work together anything is possible. The solutions that come from people working together for the greater good are indeed powerful, great and effective – they frequently amaze.


  • We all need to be independent, to belong, to contribute and to have the opportunity to do what we are good at and enjoy. We all have these powers in us. We want people to have the opportunity to know they can fulfil these important needs and will find the support and encouragement they are looking for in the Centre.


  • We have just one main ground rule – all complaining, blaming and negative focus are to be left outside the Centre. They are of no benefit to anyone and only serve to drain energy and encourage powerlessness.


  • We will run morning courses in journaling and vision board creation and run a book club with a difference.


  • We will create groups for people to come together to share ideas and solutions.


  • We will run day and weekend workshops on many different topics.  For more information, see our programme of courses and events and our facebook page.




Come in and visit us and see how we can be of service to you, or see if you would like to be of service to the community.