Positive Expectations

I was about to send a text 2 days ago to arrange an appointment and I was hoping to arrange it to work in with another meeting.  I noticed that a voice inside me was saying this isn’t likely to work out. 
I thought to myself, this is that habit of negative expectations and why would I give energy to this thinking?  So I changed my thinking and focused on how I would like it to work out – my preferred outcome.  This is my preference but I am not attached to a particular outcome.  Whatever happens will be for the best.
Within minutes of my sending the text I got a reply to say that the particular time I had asked for was fine for her too.
Another experience of the power of thoughts! 
It also reminded me of the importance of having preferences rather than attachments.  Good to have our preferences and to know what they are but if I am attached to something then my thinking is that I can’t be happy unless I have it or get it. 
Buddha said “all suffering comes from attachment”.  When you begin to look at how this operates in you and your life, you will be amazed at how true this is and again of the power of your choice, of what you choose.
Another practice I have found very helpful is to become aware of how I am thinking and feeling about an upcoming event.  What is going on for me?  Am I looking forward to it or wishing it were over?
If you notice that you are anxious about it, you can change this by taking time and space to journal about why you are anxious and looking after your needs around the event.  This way you are listening to yourself and taking care of yourself and this will ease your anxious thoughts and feelings.
Then you can focus on looking forward to the event, what will be enjoyable about it, what you want to bring to it, how you want to be.
When your thoughts are encouraging aImagend focused on positive expectation, you will feel positive and at ease and centred in yourself.
It is all about taking charge of the mind – the thoughts you allow into your mind and the thoughts you deny entry to your mind. All thoughts are energy and we can choose the energy we want to send out. The energy we send out is what causes the energy we get back, the experience we have.


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