Christmas is a time that evokes many different emotions and expectations – positive and negative.
There is much focus on family and togetherness and this can touch up a lot of old wounds and increase of a sense of isolation for some.
Christmas can be a very difficult experience when negative memories and expectations are ruling and controlling us.
If you are someone for whom Christmas brings up anger, hurt, sadness or such feelings why not decide that this year is going to be different?  Why allow your energies to be caught in the past and allow thoughts and feelings of resentment, bitterness, anger and such to take you over.
You have the power to change your experience – each of us has this power but we must claim it and use it.
Nobody else can take away this pain for you and if they try, you will think such thoughts as they just don’t understand what its like, its so different for them.  So nothing they do will work – it is you who must make this choice to stop giving your power away to the past, to old memories – to stop giving your power away to the story you always tell yourself about Christmas.
You can use the power within you to create a new story, the story of how you want to live Christmas and the rest of your life.
When a lot of your energy is stuck in the past, your mind is closed.  Open your mind and allow ideas to flow.  Allow yourself to be creative.
Light a candle and be still. 
Allow the blessings of this time to come into your heart and open your heart.
Open yourself to Love’s Presence.  Attune yourself to the Truth of you.
Experience how different it is to put your mind and attention on these and to take your attention away from all the old negative memories and expectations.
Create a new story for yourself about Christmas and you and all that you want to make happen.
Push out from all the old limiting beliefs and see what emerges.
You may say to me things like I don’t know what love is, I don’t know how to create a different story – it’s all too hard.
This is your inner child saying no and she/he needs to know that you are in charge and you are determined to make changes.  You want him/her to know that you love her/him and will protect him/her and that you will make a lovely Christmas experience for her/him.
If you are a person who is feeling isolated and on your own for Christmas don’t close down and think there are no solutions to this, that you must just get through it.  Sit quietly and connect with the soul within you, with Spirit and reflect on this challenge of isolation.  Ask for help with it. Write the story of how you would like it to be, imagine it, create your new story.
For others, Christmas challenges them to stop the busy-ness and tune into the Spirit within, to watch the pull to ignore the voice of inner guidance, to introduce new ways of celebrating this important time, to “Thine own Self be true”.
We are all on a journey and everything is a lesson, a challenge and an opportunity to grow.  We easily forget who we are and that life here is precious and all about learning and growing. We have the power to change our experience.


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