The Development of Consciousness

ImageWe are here to learn and grow, discover truth, evolve, live purposefully, live deeply and fully.  We are not here to suffer, be victims of our past and of life generally, or to make do.
Life is precious and there is so much that is unlived within us.
We have the power to become masters and healers through the development of our consciousness.
Life really begins when we make contact with the Soul, the Spirit within us and live our lives from this connection. When we choose to be guided by Spirit within, then, everything matters, every aspect of self and life.
You begin to understand how essential it is to your psychological health and growth, to claim and use your personal power and to learn to love yourself unconditionally.
Your physical body matters and you begin to love and care for it and to master it.  You stop giving your power away to your physical body and instead you take charge.
Now you begin to understand that symptoms are not to be “got rid of” but to be listened to and understood – they are telling you something is out of balance.  For example your headache might tell you that you are dehydrated and need to drink more water, or that you are stressed and need to work out what is stressing you and what action you can take to change this, or that you need to overcome the habit of having chocolate in the evening, or that you are stuck in some thought pattern and need to journal to get clear, and so on.  There are many possible messages that a headache can be giving you.
You become more aware of how you can be run by your emotions and how you can be at the mercy of your feelings.  You begin to understand that your feelings are caused by your thoughts and you can change your experience by changing your thoughts. You realise that when you give your power away to your feelings you end up feeling more confused and often feeling bad.
You see how so much of the time your mind is on automatic pilot, caught up in a constant flow of thoughts that you are not aware of.  You begin to understand how your mind is running you and that taking charge of the thoughts you allow into your mind and those you don’t allow, makes a real difference to how you experience life.
You begin to understand that when you work with your soul and take charge of your physical body, your emotions and your mind, life becomes so much better.  Now you are living, you are alive.
Meditation and journaling are two important ways of connecting with your Soul, with your inner guidance and beginning to understand the power and beauty of your Spirit and being and the meaning and purpose of your precious life.
“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within, awakens.” Carl Jung

Photo thanks to Maggie Boate


New Beginnings



There is opportunity now for new beginning.  Many talk about it being of no use to set goals and make resolutions because they just don’t keep them. They start out with all this energy of renewal and then loose the drive.
Resolutions and setting goals are essential to us if we are to keep learning and growing and not just making do and getting on with life in a half-hearted way.
Life is precious and we are here to learn and grow – to discover new territories, new abilities, skills, gifts, solutions, ways of seeing and understanding.
We all have patterns that are not serving us, habits that keep us stuck, old beliefs that limit us.
We all need to connect with the Christopher Columbus within and set forth to discover the greatness within. As you do this you will increase your energies, your strength, your understanding, your vision.
It’s time to do a clear out of all the old stuff that’s clogging up your energies and your space. It’s time to get clear about what is important to you, what’s stopping you and what you are willing to do to live your life more fully.
It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself, but, when you do, life becomes so much more interesting.  Now you are living – aware of that mighty spirit within you. Now you are beginning to get a sense of the power in you to take positive, intelligent action, to create, to get involved, to make changes.
Do we really believe we are here to just put up with the way things are; to keep creating more fear, sickness, lack and war; to keep feeling helpless, powerless, pushed around by life?
Things will change when the blaming and complaining stop and we stop allowing fear to rule and guide us. It is time to work together, let go of the old and create the new.
Setting goals to give up smoking, drinking sweet fizzy drinks, eating sugar in all its various guises, reduce or give up alcohol and coffee, are essential to your health and well-being.
Other goals might be to drink more water, exercise more, spend less time in front of the TV and/or playing games, get involved in helping build community, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, include meditation and journaling in your daily routine, take action on something that is holding you stuck, learn new skills, develop new interests.
Now, sure you might find you give up or fall down on your efforts but the key is to pick yourself up and start over – never give up.
This is so important – never give up, never give into defeat. If we are to move forward we must develop discipline and staying power.  We must persist.  These are not drudgery – these are qualities that have you at the helm of your ship, clear on your direction rather than tossed around by any squall or storm.
Don’t allow any excuses such as “I am not a disciplined sort of person”.  This is a very limiting and disempowering label to put on yourself. Discipline is a quality we all need and one we must work at.
It is time to take courage, move forward, do your part.  Your part is essential to the whole – no part is less or more important.
Every effort you make to change and improve you and your life, makes a difference to the whole.