Love is…


Love is making a decision to love yourself, no matter what, and to always forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes.


Love is taking time to listen to yourself each day and make sure you include yourself in your day.


Love is being a love finder and giving up that habit of the fault finder.


Love is remembering to fill in your Victory log and note the things you have done that you feel good about.


Love is feeling gratitude and spreading it everywhere.


Love is taking responsibility for all your reactions, understanding that your upset is caused by old beliefs and thought patterns and old wounds within yourself.  The upsets are an opportunity to look at these, understand more and heal.


Love is knowing that the only person you can change is yourself.


Love is being balanced in life in all ways – a time to be selfish and a time to be selfless, balancing masculine and feminine energies, love and firmness, a time for the inner life and time for the outer life.


Love is knowing that your true intent is to love and build others – not to hurt or harm them.


Love is kindness, reaching out, service, caring, forgiving, compassion, wanting the best for everyone as well as yourself, seeing the good,


Love is an energy of encouraging, healing, building, empowering, and bringing out the best in us and others.


Love is embracing life, living fully, doing our part, positive action, making a difference.


Love is inclusive – it connects us, bringing us to our understanding of oneness.


Love is the healer.


Be the depth and breadth of love that you truly are and rest in the truth of it.


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