Creating What We Truly Want


It is time to stop thinking of ourselves as powerless in the face of life events.  This is giving our power away.
We need to claim that mighty power within us and use it. It’s time to change our experience and take action on what we want to see changed in our world.
We will only do this when we are prepared to change the words we use and the thoughts we think and come together to find solutions and take positive action. We must take responsibility rather than try to find someone to lay the blame on.
We are all in this together. If we continue the kind of thinking we have indulged in for a long, long time, we will simply continue to have the same experiences – lack, poverty, sickness, war, powerlessness.
Why would we choose to go on living in the same old way.
Change depends on each one of us.
Every time, you choose love instead of fear, you effect yourself and the whole of consciousness in a very positive way.
You have the power to stop the negative self talk and choose to learn to speak positively and encouragingly to yourself.  You can learn to be a love finder rather than a fault finder. This is a powerful energy to put out into the world and will change your experience.
You have the power to stop those negative stories you tell yourself over and over such as I am not supported, I am not good enough, I don’t deserve that, no one helps me, I am lonely, I am too old to change, life is hard, life isn’t fair and so on. Put a stop to these and tell yourself a different story – get creative and know you can do this and enjoy it.
When we fill our minds with thoughts of how we want things to be [as opposed to decrying how things are] we are beginning the creation of that dream.  Dreams such as – health and prosperity for all, the end of competition and war and instead, people cooperating and helping one another out [everyone matters not just your nearest and dearest], ideas-sharing and solutions focus and positive action in all communities, a system of education which truly prepares our young people to develop character and to live fully and purposefully, businesses concerned with the good of all and not based on profit for the few, a unified government committed to growth and the greater good of all, hospitals devoted to healing the whole person on all levels, prisons truly devoted to rehabilitation and giving everyone the best chance, living sustainably and in harmony with the earth.
Let’s choose our thoughts and words with care, dream our dreams and take positive action together to bring them into creation.

Photo thanks to Maggie Boate


Personal Power


Personal power is essential to our psychological and spiritual health.

We can only be really effective in life when we learn to claim and own our personal power.

Personal power centres us in the soul of our being, choosing to live our best life, give of our best and do our part. It’s about feeling alive and living fully.

Personal power is about taking responsibility for yourself and what you experience, realising that everything is teaching you something you need to learn.

Personal power is about choosing your thoughts and knowing that your thoughts create your feelings and your experience.

Photo thanks to Maggie Boate



The Words we Use

The Words we Use


The words we speak and the thoughts we think are powerful.  They affect you and those around you and those to whom they are directed.

When you speak to yourself and say such things as “I’m fed up” or “I am so tired” or “I feel a cold coming on” or “I’m not well, I’m sick” you create negative feelings in yourself and a negative draining energy.  You are focused on what you don’t want and you are attracting this experience to you.

When you don’t feel so well, try saying, and repeating, with strong positive feeling, “I am strong, healthy, whole and perfect” and experience the difference these words create.

It’s interesting to observe how many conversations are about sickness and how many advertisements there are about illnesses and the prevalence of certain illnesses.  There is a very big focus on sickness. And what are we getting?  More and more sickness.

It is so different to focus on health and to see sickness as telling us we need to make changes physically, psychologically and spiritually.

When you say that you feel fed up, you increase your feeling of fed-upness.  Instead, you could sit and journal and listen to what is going on for you.  Then you can make conscious choices and change your experience.

When you say “I’m tired”, your body responds with tiredness.  This is true.  Try, instead, saying “I am full of vitality and energy” and experience the difference.  And also examine why you might be feeling tired – is it eating foods that drain you, not getting enough exercise or sleep, not drinking enough water, being caught in negativity?

We need to think about things.

When we use words such as “I can’t afford that” or “I’m broke” or “there’s no work for me” or “I came out of college at the wrong time and don’t have a chance of work in this country” – that is what we are creating, expecting, bringing towards us.

Thoughts and words are energy we are putting out and what we put out we get back, what we sow, we reap.

We need to get very clear about what we do want and keep our minds focused on this.  It is work and it takes commitment, to use positive words and think positive thoughts but doesn’t everything that is worthwhile demand effort of us.

The Power of your Will

 “There is no force more powerful in this Universe than the power of your will.” Universal Mind

 Not many would believe this statement and few have any experience of this power within.

 Personal power or will power is not something some have and others don’t.

Personal power is within each one of us but we must claim it, use it and develop it.

Personal power is about being in charge of yourself and the thoughts you allow into your mind and the thoughts you don’t allow.



Training your Mind

So why do the work of training your mind and choosing the thoughts you allow into your mind? Why bother?

It is work, yes, and it takes constant effort and never giving up, but it is what changes our experience.

The law of the mind is that what you sow, you reap, what you put out you get back.

The choice is, focus on what you don’t like and get more and more of it or do the work to focus your mind on what you do want and get more and more of this.

Working to choose the thoughts we allow into our minds is demanding of us.  It brings out new strengths, propelling us forward out of the quagmire of powerlessness.





The Power of our Thoughts and Words

ImageDr. Masaru Emoto has studied water over many years and has demonstrated, through his work, the impact of our thoughts and words on water.
He found that the quality of the water crystals depended on more than just whether it was natural or tap water.
He discovered and showed how the information we give to water changes its quality.
Emoto consistently found that water responded to positive words by forming beautiful crystals.
When you send your gratitude to water its quality improves.  When you call water by names or ignore it, it deteriorates.
In one experiment, he put the words “Thank you” on one bottle of water and the words. “You fool” on another.  The water in the bottle with the words “Thank you” formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, while the one with “You fool” had only fragments of crystals.
Usually we drink water without paying much attention to it – we rarely consciously appreciate it.
He found that the most beautiful water-crystal pictures resulted from showing water the words “Love and gratitude”.
Emoto’s work is very important in that it not only shows us how we need to respect and appreciate water and how we increase the healing power of water when we do this, but also shows us very clearly the effect of our thoughts and words.
If positive words affect water in this way and the adult body is 70% water, it follows that positive or negative words and thoughts affect our bodies and our whole beings.
This is really important to understand.
Positive spiritual thoughts and words uplift you, make you feel good, encourage you – form beautiful crystals within you.
Negative thoughts and words disempower you, drain your energy, discourage you – result in no crystals or fragments of crystals.
When we choose to think optimistic thoughts and speak with optimism, we are healthier and happier and so more likely to succeed.
Now you can agree with all of this with your mind, but the next step is to see how the negative is operating in your consciousness so that you can replace it with spiritual positive thoughts and beliefs. This takes practice because we have strong habitual thought patterns and many of them are negative.
See it as a journey of true importance and discovery because when we change our thinking we change our experience and when enough people change their thinking it will have a 100th monkey effect on the whole – it will spread quickly and deeply.
Who wants to go on and on thinking and living out of limitation, lack and fear when we can be thinking from abundance, love and oneness?
Think and use the words love and gratitude often throughout your day and write those words on your bottle/jug/glass of water and feel the difference.  Keep it up if you want to experience lasting results.

Prosperity Consciousness


You have got to feel prosperous to attract prosperity. Robert Russell

How can you feel prosperous when so much of what we see and experience is lack, you might ask?

Prosperity means well being on all levels – physical, psychological and spiritual. It’s connected with appreciation, blessing, gratitude, seeing good, positive expectation.

It is our belief in lack and our focus on it, which is increasing our experience of it. We have so much more than people had in the early 20th century.

We need to believe in prosperity, in plenty, in abundance and focus on what we have, bless it and give thanks for it and work together to create solutions to the challenges of our time. We are powerful.