The Power of our Thoughts and Words

ImageDr. Masaru Emoto has studied water over many years and has demonstrated, through his work, the impact of our thoughts and words on water.
He found that the quality of the water crystals depended on more than just whether it was natural or tap water.
He discovered and showed how the information we give to water changes its quality.
Emoto consistently found that water responded to positive words by forming beautiful crystals.
When you send your gratitude to water its quality improves.  When you call water by names or ignore it, it deteriorates.
In one experiment, he put the words “Thank you” on one bottle of water and the words. “You fool” on another.  The water in the bottle with the words “Thank you” formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, while the one with “You fool” had only fragments of crystals.
Usually we drink water without paying much attention to it – we rarely consciously appreciate it.
He found that the most beautiful water-crystal pictures resulted from showing water the words “Love and gratitude”.
Emoto’s work is very important in that it not only shows us how we need to respect and appreciate water and how we increase the healing power of water when we do this, but also shows us very clearly the effect of our thoughts and words.
If positive words affect water in this way and the adult body is 70% water, it follows that positive or negative words and thoughts affect our bodies and our whole beings.
This is really important to understand.
Positive spiritual thoughts and words uplift you, make you feel good, encourage you – form beautiful crystals within you.
Negative thoughts and words disempower you, drain your energy, discourage you – result in no crystals or fragments of crystals.
When we choose to think optimistic thoughts and speak with optimism, we are healthier and happier and so more likely to succeed.
Now you can agree with all of this with your mind, but the next step is to see how the negative is operating in your consciousness so that you can replace it with spiritual positive thoughts and beliefs. This takes practice because we have strong habitual thought patterns and many of them are negative.
See it as a journey of true importance and discovery because when we change our thinking we change our experience and when enough people change their thinking it will have a 100th monkey effect on the whole – it will spread quickly and deeply.
Who wants to go on and on thinking and living out of limitation, lack and fear when we can be thinking from abundance, love and oneness?
Think and use the words love and gratitude often throughout your day and write those words on your bottle/jug/glass of water and feel the difference.  Keep it up if you want to experience lasting results.


2 thoughts on “The Power of our Thoughts and Words

  1. I totally agree. If it can that affect on water if can affect our bodies and our experience. Thanks for the interesting post.

    • Thanks for your comment. Negative thoughts and emotions have such a negative effect on all of us and it is great to see how Emoto’s work backs up our experience and hopefully get us going to do the work!

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