The Words we Use

The Words we Use


The words we speak and the thoughts we think are powerful.  They affect you and those around you and those to whom they are directed.

When you speak to yourself and say such things as “I’m fed up” or “I am so tired” or “I feel a cold coming on” or “I’m not well, I’m sick” you create negative feelings in yourself and a negative draining energy.  You are focused on what you don’t want and you are attracting this experience to you.

When you don’t feel so well, try saying, and repeating, with strong positive feeling, “I am strong, healthy, whole and perfect” and experience the difference these words create.

It’s interesting to observe how many conversations are about sickness and how many advertisements there are about illnesses and the prevalence of certain illnesses.  There is a very big focus on sickness. And what are we getting?  More and more sickness.

It is so different to focus on health and to see sickness as telling us we need to make changes physically, psychologically and spiritually.

When you say that you feel fed up, you increase your feeling of fed-upness.  Instead, you could sit and journal and listen to what is going on for you.  Then you can make conscious choices and change your experience.

When you say “I’m tired”, your body responds with tiredness.  This is true.  Try, instead, saying “I am full of vitality and energy” and experience the difference.  And also examine why you might be feeling tired – is it eating foods that drain you, not getting enough exercise or sleep, not drinking enough water, being caught in negativity?

We need to think about things.

When we use words such as “I can’t afford that” or “I’m broke” or “there’s no work for me” or “I came out of college at the wrong time and don’t have a chance of work in this country” – that is what we are creating, expecting, bringing towards us.

Thoughts and words are energy we are putting out and what we put out we get back, what we sow, we reap.

We need to get very clear about what we do want and keep our minds focused on this.  It is work and it takes commitment, to use positive words and think positive thoughts but doesn’t everything that is worthwhile demand effort of us.


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