The Power of our Thoughts

Spend some time every day observing your thoughts. Most of the time people are unaware of what thoughts are going through their minds.

You may find yourself feeling a little discouraged or defeated.  Trace back from your feeling to the thought or thoughts that have caused those feelings.

When you understand the thoughts that have caused your feeling, then you have choice.

You can choose different thoughts and use this power that is in you to choose the thoughts you want to allow into your mind.

Thoughts are powerful.  They cause your feelings and what you attract and repel in life.





Love Finder

Most of us are well trained as fault finders – our habit is to find fault in self and in others.
Most people are very unaware of this pattern because they are so used to it, so steeped in it.
It is not something you hear talked about much, or even at all.
Why continue with this habit that creates unease, unworthiness and lack of confidence?
Decide to be a love finder and see how this increases love and good feeling.  It will have you see more of the good and more of what you appreciate in yourself and in others.
Choose to build and empower yourself and others and to build confidence and good feeling.
Why would we want to do anything else?
This does take practice and constantly reminding yourself and it is so worth it.

Life as a Spiritual Path

ImageThe Starting Point – the beginning of living fully and deeply, is truly, to attune to the Spirit within you and to realise that you are Divine. This is what connects you, directs you and gives purpose to your life.

So every day, every moment, is a precious opportunity.  We are here to grow through life so every part of life matters.

Life is a Spiritual path – a path to reach our fullest potential.

Life is a journey of discovery.

There is always more to learn and understand.

So much greatness for us to unfold.

Yet we keep limiting ourselves and just getting on with life.  We may get glimpses of the “so much more” but then we go back to the old habitual ways, the same old “safe” beliefs and thought patterns. The stuff we “know”.

That old comfort zone.

You might read a book that inspires you or hear a talk that moves you but now what do you do with that?  Does it loose its impact for you as the days and weeks go by or do you write about what has touched you and live what you have learned so that you grow and move forward?

What do you want?  What is important to you?  What do you keep putting off?  Where are you stuck?  What are your main challenges at this time in your life?  What is it you are afraid of?

We can live life in an ordinary “getting through it” way or we can live it meaningfully and purposefully.  We have that choice.  Play safe or live fully and deeply.

This is such a powerful choice and of course it brings up fear.  What would that mean?  What would change?  What would I have to let go of?  How would I know what to do?

The first step is to choose to grow and to then sit with your Higher Self and Spirit and ask for guidance. You will get it but you must listen and keep listening. Answers may come in the form of something someone says, a book, an idea, an opportunity – keep attentive and aware. Keep open.

There is so much potential in each one of us waiting for us to trust and believe and take positive action.  Life is to be lived fully.  Are you ready?


Positive Self Talk

ImageIf you observe how you talk to yourself you will most likely find that you talk to yourself in quite a negative way – “I’m so stupid – why did I say that, do that, not see that” etc. This is just a bad habit and one that does you down.
Try speaking to yourself in a positive way saying such things as “you really did that well”, “you really followed that through and stuck with it – that’s persistence”, “you got that done even though it was challenging – you didn’t put it off – well done”. Or simply “you did well [your name]”.
Try it and see how it makes a real difference. It will spur you on, uplift and encourage you.
You see even though you may do most things so well in any one day, your critical inner parent will harp on the small bit that didn’t go so well.
You can change this with practice but it does take practice and constantly reminding yourself.
And it is so worth it.

Two Ways of Thinking

There are only two ways of thinking – positively or negatively. There are no neutral thoughts.

Thoughts are either positive and spiritual or negative, separative and fear-based.

Negative thoughts drain your energy and keep you stuck.

When you observe a negative thought come into your mind, choose to connect with your personal power and deny that thought and choose a positive, spiritual thought instead.

Positive Spiritual thoughts increase love, joy and connection.  They uplift us and inspire and motivate us and keep us moving forward.


The Laws that Govern Us

ImageThere are laws governing our world.  Most people have heard of “what you sow, you reap – what you give out, you get back”. If you give kindness, you receive kindness.  If you give out anger, you receive anger. If you steal, you are stolen from.
The law of the mind is that whatever you hold and imagine in your mind is what you will make happen.  Whatever we think in our minds must grow. You get more and more of what you are thinking about.
These are two of the main guiding laws – there are more. Knowing and understanding these laws and living by them, consciously making them the guidelines in all our thinking, feeling, actions and choices, is what helps us to learn and grow through grace. They are there to help us and guide us.
When we ignore them, we learn through the school of hard knocks, constantly repeating painful experiences.
We are living in challenging times of economic change, cutbacks, financial austerity.  So long as we see this as bad and live, waiting for change to happen, the pain will continue.
This challenge is an opportunity to think differently and find new solutions and act differently.
Einstein said “you can’t solve the problem with the same mind that created it”.
Cutting back and austerity don’t make for prosperity.  It’s the beliefs and thoughts we hold in our minds that create prosperity or repel it.
Most people live out of lack and fear of poverty.
There are those who believe in wealth and the creation of wealth and they have no difficulty making it.  We all know people who make money easily.
Now, many financially rich people live as if they must guard their wealth, hold onto it and fear loosing it.  They hold back from sharing it.  This eventually leads to the loss of their wealth.
However, there are many millionaires now who use their wealth to help others, to create resources for others and help them to become prosperous.  Elon Musk put it this way “I just want to have the resources to get the things done that I think matter”.  He has been described as a serial entrepreneur – he just keeps moving forward, no matter what the setbacks, and recovers, to go on and do more.
If we believe in poverty and lack and constantly hear about it and talk about it – that is exactly what we will experience – the only way we will make change is to start thinking prosperity and taking actions based on this thought and belief.
There is so much power in each of us though we live as if we are weak, limited, the victim of outside forces and happenings.
If, instead of lack, I choose to see and look for abundance and to hold this belief in my mind, then I will experience more abundance – abundance of all kinds – opportunities, ideas, support, beauty, resources and so on.
The Law of the mind is such a big one for us to really take on.  So many people have written about the power of thoughts over the years and this message is still coming to us strongly from many sources. We need to listen deeply now to this message and through living it, we will begin to understand the way it helps us, heals us, guides us to truth.

Developing our Personal Power

We need to keep developing our personal power. Everything is teaching us to step into our personal power.

Every moment we have a choice to choose love or fear and it takes personal power to become conscious of this and to make a clear choice.

When you say personal power affirmations very regularly and with strong, positive emotion, you become more aware of the power that is within you.

When you need to pull yourself out of negativity, try repeating the word “power” several times to increase your sense of the power within you. Be determined.

Developing personal power takes practice and an attitude of never giving up but it means you are in charge and not pushed around by life and can begin to live your life with soul consciousness.