The Starting Point

The starting point, the beginning of living fully and deeply, is truly, to attune to the Spirit within you and to realise that you are Divine. This is what connects you, directs you and gives meaning to your learning and growing.
So much of the time people are living outside of themselves – so much of the time, even when we take on the spiritual path, we live outside of ourselves.  We need to constantly attune and bring ourselves back to the centre, to the heart and soul of ourselves.
This cut off from the Divine, from Spirit, from the soul leads to so much suffering, isolation, loneliness, alienation, meaninglessness, confusion, lack of a sense of direction and purpose.
The anchor, the still point, is the Divine within us.
When we make a conscious choice to work with our Higher Self then we understand life and, all that happens, in a whole new way.
We understand that everything is teaching us to move forward up our spiritual mountain, always learning and growing. We realise that we have a choice as to how we will respond to any and every  challenge – what attitude we will have to what happens.
We are not meant to suffer, but to learn and grow – to grow in Unconditional love.  This is a mighty challenge and a mighty opportunity.
So long as we don’t learn from what happens to us, from our lessons, we learn through the school of hard knocks, through suffering.
When we accept that everything is teaching us exactly what we need to learn so as to move to the next step of our spiritual path, we learn through grace.  The challenges keep coming but we don’t suffer with them, we learn with them and move forward.  We begin to see very clearly that how we manage any challenge is key and that challenges lead us to discover strengths and resources within us that we never knew we had.
We are not here to beat ourselves up because of mistakes, but to learn from them, love and forgive ourselves and keep on keeping on.   When we learn from our mistakes we are much less likely to repeat them.  When we are repeating mistakes we need to do some serious journaling to understand why, so that we can change this pattern.
It is up to each one of us to make that choice to work with our Higher Self and to ask for this.  Because of free choice it doesn’t happen until we ask. You can deepen this connection through journaling and meditation and taking time to feel this Presence within you.  This is the beginning of real living.



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