The Laws that Govern Us

ImageThere are laws governing our world.  Most people have heard of “what you sow, you reap – what you give out, you get back”. If you give kindness, you receive kindness.  If you give out anger, you receive anger. If you steal, you are stolen from.
The law of the mind is that whatever you hold and imagine in your mind is what you will make happen.  Whatever we think in our minds must grow. You get more and more of what you are thinking about.
These are two of the main guiding laws – there are more. Knowing and understanding these laws and living by them, consciously making them the guidelines in all our thinking, feeling, actions and choices, is what helps us to learn and grow through grace. They are there to help us and guide us.
When we ignore them, we learn through the school of hard knocks, constantly repeating painful experiences.
We are living in challenging times of economic change, cutbacks, financial austerity.  So long as we see this as bad and live, waiting for change to happen, the pain will continue.
This challenge is an opportunity to think differently and find new solutions and act differently.
Einstein said “you can’t solve the problem with the same mind that created it”.
Cutting back and austerity don’t make for prosperity.  It’s the beliefs and thoughts we hold in our minds that create prosperity or repel it.
Most people live out of lack and fear of poverty.
There are those who believe in wealth and the creation of wealth and they have no difficulty making it.  We all know people who make money easily.
Now, many financially rich people live as if they must guard their wealth, hold onto it and fear loosing it.  They hold back from sharing it.  This eventually leads to the loss of their wealth.
However, there are many millionaires now who use their wealth to help others, to create resources for others and help them to become prosperous.  Elon Musk put it this way “I just want to have the resources to get the things done that I think matter”.  He has been described as a serial entrepreneur – he just keeps moving forward, no matter what the setbacks, and recovers, to go on and do more.
If we believe in poverty and lack and constantly hear about it and talk about it – that is exactly what we will experience – the only way we will make change is to start thinking prosperity and taking actions based on this thought and belief.
There is so much power in each of us though we live as if we are weak, limited, the victim of outside forces and happenings.
If, instead of lack, I choose to see and look for abundance and to hold this belief in my mind, then I will experience more abundance – abundance of all kinds – opportunities, ideas, support, beauty, resources and so on.
The Law of the mind is such a big one for us to really take on.  So many people have written about the power of thoughts over the years and this message is still coming to us strongly from many sources. We need to listen deeply now to this message and through living it, we will begin to understand the way it helps us, heals us, guides us to truth.


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