Positive Self Talk

ImageIf you observe how you talk to yourself you will most likely find that you talk to yourself in quite a negative way – “I’m so stupid – why did I say that, do that, not see that” etc. This is just a bad habit and one that does you down.
Try speaking to yourself in a positive way saying such things as “you really did that well”, “you really followed that through and stuck with it – that’s persistence”, “you got that done even though it was challenging – you didn’t put it off – well done”. Or simply “you did well [your name]”.
Try it and see how it makes a real difference. It will spur you on, uplift and encourage you.
You see even though you may do most things so well in any one day, your critical inner parent will harp on the small bit that didn’t go so well.
You can change this with practice but it does take practice and constantly reminding yourself.
And it is so worth it.


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