Life as a Spiritual Path

ImageThe Starting Point – the beginning of living fully and deeply, is truly, to attune to the Spirit within you and to realise that you are Divine. This is what connects you, directs you and gives purpose to your life.

So every day, every moment, is a precious opportunity.  We are here to grow through life so every part of life matters.

Life is a Spiritual path – a path to reach our fullest potential.

Life is a journey of discovery.

There is always more to learn and understand.

So much greatness for us to unfold.

Yet we keep limiting ourselves and just getting on with life.  We may get glimpses of the “so much more” but then we go back to the old habitual ways, the same old “safe” beliefs and thought patterns. The stuff we “know”.

That old comfort zone.

You might read a book that inspires you or hear a talk that moves you but now what do you do with that?  Does it loose its impact for you as the days and weeks go by or do you write about what has touched you and live what you have learned so that you grow and move forward?

What do you want?  What is important to you?  What do you keep putting off?  Where are you stuck?  What are your main challenges at this time in your life?  What is it you are afraid of?

We can live life in an ordinary “getting through it” way or we can live it meaningfully and purposefully.  We have that choice.  Play safe or live fully and deeply.

This is such a powerful choice and of course it brings up fear.  What would that mean?  What would change?  What would I have to let go of?  How would I know what to do?

The first step is to choose to grow and to then sit with your Higher Self and Spirit and ask for guidance. You will get it but you must listen and keep listening. Answers may come in the form of something someone says, a book, an idea, an opportunity – keep attentive and aware. Keep open.

There is so much potential in each one of us waiting for us to trust and believe and take positive action.  Life is to be lived fully.  Are you ready?



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