Getting off to a strong, positive start

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You have the choice to start your day with an attitude of weakness or strength.

You can choose to claim your power as you wake up – to attune to Spirit and to the power that is within you.

You can put a golden bubble of protection all around you – this means you are putting the energy of love around you to protect you from your own negativity and the negativity of others.

You can make a plan for the day and be focused and clear as to what you want to get done and include in this day.

Every day is a new beginning – what do you want to improve on today? What needs attention?


When you feel like not getting up



If you wake up drowsy and feeling like not getting up check out why?  Most people think this is normal – to be expected.

You could be drowsy because of eating food late at night or because what you ate or drank does not sit well with your physical body.

You could lack energy because of how you were feeling when you went to sleep. If you go to sleep with negative thoughts and feelings, your sleep is disturbed.

You could wake up lacking in energy because you don’t have a goal, a plan or clear sense of your purpose.

Check in with what is going on for you first thing in the morning and become clear about what you want and what you are prepared to do to create what you deeply want.



Keeping on Track


Our purpose is to be Soul conscious – to remember that we are a Soul and that we are here to learn to live life from the perspective of the Soul.

Now while we may accept this at the level of the mind, it takes commitment and discipline to live this.  Our feelings want to get rattled and the ego wants to be top dog again.  The ego wants it the ego way or no way. The pull of the ego and lower self is very strong.

Take any situation in your life that has upset you in a small or a bigger way.  Look at it through the perspective of ego and then from the perspective of Soul.

Be aware of the pain and turmoil that the ego gets you caught up in and how, when you seek to live from Soul, you see how we are all connected and you open to understand the healing power of love.

In your journaling when something has happened that has upset you, you write about it under 4 main headings – what happened, how did you react, why did it upset you and finally, what was it teaching you.

“What was it teaching you” is the most challenging one to write about and understand.

The more you practise journaling and looking at what happens as your teacher, the more you will understand and the easier it will be to understand the lesson.

Why do we have lessons – why do we need them?  Lessons are showing us how we are off track – looking at life from the perspective of the ego rather than the Soul. 

A traffic jam from the perspective of ego, is a stressful experience: from the perspective of Soul, it is an opportunity to practise patience.

The ego views another as threat whereas the Soul sees sister/brother and what am I to learn from this situation.

Lessons are essentially teaching us to think, feel , speak and behave as a Soul and not give in to the pull of the ego.

The particular lessons that we get are the very ones that we need to teach us exactly what we need to learn.  They are to help us to find truth and love.

When we see what happens as a lesson and, we seek the solution to this lesson, we expand our consciousness.  We are focused on what this lesson is teaching us, and we are ready to discover more about the resources within us, the power and gifts of the Soul within us.

When we see lessons as teaching us rather than see what happens as bad, wrong, unfair, we stop being caught in thinking of ourselves as victims.  We are taking responsibility for the life we want to create and the part we want to play in the healing of our world.


The effects that things have on you



It makes a whole big difference to become aware of the effects that things have on you.

Tune into yourself when you have eaten certain foods or had certain drinks and see what effects these have on you.

When you have looked at a film or TV programme, check in with the effects of these on you – especially if they have been dramatic or violent.

Become conscious of the effects of negative thoughts and of the feelings these thoughts create.  Then be aware of the effects these have on your energy.

When we are aware of the effects of these things on us then we can choose whether we want to continue experiencing these effects or not.


Living with Purpose

Purple Flower JuneJR

So what is the purpose of life?  What is the purpose of your life?

Really we live as if we are here to just get through life.  For the most part people have little connection with themselves and the idea of purpose doesn’t get thought about or talked about much.

For the most part we live as if we are just an ego, a personality and a physical body.

The ego has us believe we are on our own, separate, under constant threat.  It has us believe that the only way to feel ok about ourselves is to be top dog, to impress other people, have social importance, have an appearance that people admire, be successful in the eyes of the world.

But all of this is so impermanent.  It doesn’t last.  We may feel ok for a short while and then the threat is back – the need to prove ourselves, to defend ourselves, to look good, to feel safe.

All that we focus on is based outside of self – essentially on what others, what the world, thinks of us.  How the world, society rates us.

Suffering is how we grow generally.  Suffering shakes us and puts a choice clearly before us – to struggle against the experience and feel angry, feel a victim of it or to accept it as teaching us something we need to learn for our Soul’s growth.

We have been growing through suffering because we are disconnected from Soul and so we see everything from the perspective of the ego.

When something happens that upsets us we feel under attack, hard done by and we see it as bad. We feel a victim of what has happened. This just makes the experience a whole lot harder to manage. We feel tossed about by the storms of life.

The good news is that we do have a purpose – to become Soul conscious and to recognise the divinity in self, in others and in all life; to remember who we truly are.

When we connect to our Soul, to Spirit and when we live from the perspective of the Soul we understand that life is about learning and growing.  It’s about taking initiative and positive action as we seek truth. We understand that we are guided and that all things work for us to enable us to find truth.

We understand that everything that happens is teaching us something we need to learn. So we stop struggling against it and we seek to understand the opportunity that each experience is bringing to us.

Our purpose in this life is to become Soul conscious and to live as a Soul conscious person. When we connect with purpose, we are at the helm of our ship, aiming to see all experiences through the light of the Soul.

Our purpose gives us direction and meaning.  It keeps us on track.  It connects us to all life.

Images, thoughts and words are powerful

The images and thoughts we hold in our mind, and the words we use, are powerful, and they create.

If you consistently think to yourself “I am lonely” or talk to others and describe yourself as lonely, that is what you create and attract to you.

If you consistently use words such as “money is tight”, “I can’t afford that”, then that is the experience you are creating and enforcing.

If you consistently say or think tiredness, stress, exhaustion – then that is what you will increase and experience.

The key is to consciously fill your mind with the thoughts that will create the reality you want and only use words that express these thoughts.


How easy it can be to get focused on what isn’t going well, what is lacking, on what we don’t like.  Yet all this brings us is more of the same.  What we focus on, increases.
When we focus on our blessings, on all that we are thankful for and all we appreciate, these are the things that will increase.
We need to become conscious of what we are creating and stop creating unconsciously.
It is another step on, to bless everything that happens and to see the opportunity in it.  For this we need to see what happens from the perspective of the Soul rather than from the perspective of ego.