Living with Purpose

Purple Flower JuneJR

So what is the purpose of life?  What is the purpose of your life?

Really we live as if we are here to just get through life.  For the most part people have little connection with themselves and the idea of purpose doesn’t get thought about or talked about much.

For the most part we live as if we are just an ego, a personality and a physical body.

The ego has us believe we are on our own, separate, under constant threat.  It has us believe that the only way to feel ok about ourselves is to be top dog, to impress other people, have social importance, have an appearance that people admire, be successful in the eyes of the world.

But all of this is so impermanent.  It doesn’t last.  We may feel ok for a short while and then the threat is back – the need to prove ourselves, to defend ourselves, to look good, to feel safe.

All that we focus on is based outside of self – essentially on what others, what the world, thinks of us.  How the world, society rates us.

Suffering is how we grow generally.  Suffering shakes us and puts a choice clearly before us – to struggle against the experience and feel angry, feel a victim of it or to accept it as teaching us something we need to learn for our Soul’s growth.

We have been growing through suffering because we are disconnected from Soul and so we see everything from the perspective of the ego.

When something happens that upsets us we feel under attack, hard done by and we see it as bad. We feel a victim of what has happened. This just makes the experience a whole lot harder to manage. We feel tossed about by the storms of life.

The good news is that we do have a purpose – to become Soul conscious and to recognise the divinity in self, in others and in all life; to remember who we truly are.

When we connect to our Soul, to Spirit and when we live from the perspective of the Soul we understand that life is about learning and growing.  It’s about taking initiative and positive action as we seek truth. We understand that we are guided and that all things work for us to enable us to find truth.

We understand that everything that happens is teaching us something we need to learn. So we stop struggling against it and we seek to understand the opportunity that each experience is bringing to us.

Our purpose in this life is to become Soul conscious and to live as a Soul conscious person. When we connect with purpose, we are at the helm of our ship, aiming to see all experiences through the light of the Soul.

Our purpose gives us direction and meaning.  It keeps us on track.  It connects us to all life.


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