How we speak to ourselves

If you observe how you talk to yourself you will most likely find that you talk to yourself in quite a negative way – “I’m so stupid – why did I say that, do that, not see that” etc.
This is caused by fear – fear of doing the wrong thing, getting it wrong, not being liked/approved of, being rejected. We have believed that self criticism is the only way to ensure safety, inclusion.
Yet criticism only makes us feel unlovable and unworthy. So why would we continue in this habit?
Love and firmness is what will serve us and help us to feel good about ourselves and give of our
The key is to love and praise yourself and be ready to learn from your mistakes.  Be firm with yourself too, and clear about what you are aspiring to.
Say often to yourself “I love you” [ saying your name too] and “You are doing so well”. This encourages you and moves you on to more and better.
You need to decide that you truly want to learn to speak to yourself with love and firmness – sell this idea to yourself. Then practice this and constantly remind yourself that this is what you want – with love and firmness.
And it is so worth it.



Soul Consciousness

The sky MB


The Soul has us see life as a journey back home to love, joy and truth.  Everything we experience is teaching us to understand when we are off track and showing us how to get back onto the path of truth and love.

The Soul has us push away all negative, fear-based thoughts and seek to only allow positive, Spiritual thoughts into our minds.

When we focus on positive Spiritual thoughts, we have positive feelings and experiences.  We attract more of these as we continue to keep focused on good and seeing good.

The Soul has us taking responsibility for the experiences we have, seeing them as just what we need to learn now so that we can take the next step on our Spiritual path.

The Soul has us wanting to be our best, give of our best, believe in ourselves and all we have to bring to our world.


Soul vs Ego

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It is a very different experience to live from the Soul in us rather than from ego.  It expands our consciousness and brings purpose, meaning and direction.

The ego has us feel separate, under threat, needing to impress, consumed with what we think others think of us, anxious to feel ok/safe.

When we choose to be Soul conscious and live from the perspective of the Soul, life changes wonderfully.

We begin to experience connectedness – with self, with others, with the earth.  We understand how we are all interconnected.

We understand what it means to choose love and transcend fear and separation.  We realise that our only enemy is the negative ego thought system.



A Little More on Feelings and Emotions


Many people are out of touch with their feelings, their true feelings.  Many more are run by their feelings and at the mercy of their feelings.
Feelings connect us to ourselves, to others, to life.  They are very important but it’s essential to be in charge of your feelings and to learn to master them.  This takes understanding and practice.
Feelings like to get rattled and often intense and you need to use your mind to analyse your feelings and take charge of them.
In the book “Ask and it is Given”, Esther and Jerry Hicks outlined the main higher spectrum of feelings as well as the main lower spectrum of feelings.  I have found these very helpful in becoming aware of what’s happening at the level of my feelings.
The higher spectrum of feelings are joy, love, appreciation, gratitude, faith, trust, passion, eagerness, enthusiasm, happiness, positive expectations/belief, optimism, hopefulness and contentment.
These are the feelings we want to cultivate and experience more and more of.  They uplift and motivate us and bring out the best in us.
The lower spectrum of feelings are listed as boredom, pessimism, frustration, irritation, impatience, overwhelm, disappointment, doubt, worry, blame, discouragement, anger, revenge, hatred/rage, jealousy, insecurity/guilt/unworthiness, fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness.
It’s really helpful to get to know this list of feelings because it helps you to understand more where you might be caught.  This helps you to trace back the negative feeling to the thoughts causing the negative feeling. Then you have the choice to move your focus to the higher spectrum of feelings and to create these.  It is really powerful to do this consistently in your day-to-day life but you really need to practise it if you want results.
I repeat the higher spectrum of feelings over to myself very consciously as part of my morning ritual so as to keep my mind on these and on what I want to focus on and create in my day.
Many believe that negative feelings are natural and you must express them, get them out there.  Take the TV “Soaps” as an example.  They are all about drama and people working out their negative feelings on other people.  This is faulty thinking [no judgement just discernment in this]. All you need to do is reflect on this and see how it changes nothing, often makes things worse and certainly doesn’t contribute to growth and love and peace.
Do people generally believe that negative feelings are to be expected – that’s life?  It makes a real difference to get to know the higher and lower spectrum of feelings and to realise that the higher spectrum is where we can live most and even all of the time, if that’s what we truly want and work toward. 
Negative feelings are best handled by acknowledging them, taking full responsibility for them as yours and analysing them to understand the thoughts and beliefs you have that are causing these.  Always doing this with love and forgiveness and a sense of well done to yourself for taking responsibility and being determined to learn and grow.  The rewards are mighty!
Each of us has the choice to forgive or hold a grudge; to react to things, fight them, struggle against them or to stay calm and respond; to be insecure, anxious and self-doubting or to have self confidence; to compare and compete or to cooperate and work together with others, wishing the best for everyone.
Be aware of the power in you to create love, peace, friendship, harmony within yourself and in your relationships with others.  Be conscious of what you are creating within and in any given situation or with any other person.  

Getting off to a good start



Become aware of the first thoughts you have and the first feelings you experience when you wake up. Ask yourself is there anything I want to change about this?

Set up a morning routine to help you to wake up and feel in charge of yourself and your day, attuned to you and to Spirit.

Just before you get up focus on the word love or joy and feel the energy of this and allow it to fill your being.  It’s wonderful.

Before you step out of bed, claim the power that is in you to live your day with love, power and wisdom. Feel that power that is within you.

Check in with how you are doing in the middle of the day and in the evening so that you are building these healthy habits of well being into your daily life. Always encourage yourself.

Managing Your Feelings


Do you find yourself at the mercy of your feelings and run by your emotions?  This is the experience of a great many people.
It’s worth observing just how your feelings like to get in on things and get rattled.  You will see, that, the more you think about whatever it is that has happened, the more the feelings get rattled and fired up.
If you get distracted and to thinking about something else, your feelings calm down but as soon as you return to thinking about what happened, you find your feelings getting intense again.
Often you will find yourself reacting to something that has happened, to something someone has said or done or hasn’t said or done.  You may feel afraid, angry, hurt, resentful.  The belief is that the other person or the situation has caused your feelings.  So you see the problem as out there and what you have to change is out there, outside of you, you believe.
However, this doesn’t help at all.  It changes nothing and often you find that the same kind of experiences occur over and over.  You keep reacting to these in the same way, convinced that the problem is outside of you.
It made such a difference to me to understand that when I react to someone or something, this is because I have beliefs and thoughts and old patterns inside of me that have been triggered.  These are my beliefs and attitudes and the situation or person I have reacted to has brought these up from an unconscious part of me.  I now have the opportunity to examine these, accept them as my issues and resolve them.
When I do this, I have the power to change the experience, to grow and to stop this recurring painful pattern.
This is a challenging one to really take on and apply in daily life.  The ego wants to blame the situation or other person and to hold tightly to what you believe to be “rightful” feelings of indignation.   When you truly accept that when you react, the feelings aroused are yours and come from old beliefs and attitudes you hold, you have the power to change your experience, to create a different reality.
When you take offence and let rip or go resentfully silent or walk away, you will usually find that this makes things worse and you feel drained and often badly after the event.  
A great many would hold that things happen, feelings happen.  You can’t help it. It’s natural to react and have negative feelings. This keeps you stuck in the same negative spiral.
The truth is that it’s your thoughts that create or cause your feelings, not other people or what happens to you.  Try it out.  See what you discover.
Next time your buttons are pressed, take a deep breath and centre yourself.  This will calm your mind and bring you into the present.  Breathe a few times.
Now observe what has happened and become aware of your choice in this situation.  You can react and lash back and feel powerless, or you can look at the thoughts that are going through your mind and how these are causing you to feel in a certain way and choose how you want to respond.
Go on.  Try it out.  Change how you think and see how differently you can feel.