Soul Consciousness vs Ego Consciousness  


When I live in the belief that I am an ego I feel on my own, under threat.  Life is essentially struggle.  I live in the belief of separation.  I am deeply concerned with what other people think of me, making an impression, being included, fitting in, feeling safe/secure, being right/getting it right.

Fear is my primary feeling and I experience life mostly as a victim.  A lot of my energy is tied up in the past in terms of regret and in the future in terms of worry.  My thoughts and feelings are essentially negative because I live as if separate from my Soul, my Spirit and other people and the Earth.  This separation is what has me living in fear and believing that the only way to have self worth is to be better than others and avoid inferiority.

I am disconnected from myself, my true self because I live out there in the world trying to make it ok.

When I live knowing I am Soul I connect with my true self.  Life changes completely.  I realise that everything that happens is teaching me; all challenges are opportunities to understand how I am off track and caught in faulty thinking.  Everything is teaching me to live in Soul consciousness, truth, love, joy, peace.  When my response to a problem is Thank you then I open my mind and expand my consciousness, my understanding.  I discover resources, gifts, abilities I never believed I had.

I understand that personal power and self love and worth are latent qualities within my Soul and that I can claim these and develop them.  I realise that they are essential to my psychological and spiritual health and well being.

I realise the power of my mind to create heaven or hell. I begin to get a sense of the purpose of my life.

Every moment in life we are presented with the choice to choose Soul or ego, everything or nothing, truth or illusion.

Where am I in this?  What do I want?  What am I choosing?


Sleep Disturbance


I am hearing more and more people talk about how they are insomniacs and sleep very little or, very poorly, at night.

Many people turn to sleeping pills or just put up with it. We need to think, and to work out why – observe and discover.  Every effect has a cause.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your sleep you need to give time to understanding what might be causing this.

Insomnia might be caused by something that is troubling you, perhaps that you are unconscious of, and when you face this and understand it, it won’t have control over you any longer.

When we look at a problem as our teacher, we seek solutions, we seek to understand more, and so we expand our consciousness and become aware of so much more.

Why are we satisfied to just take the sleeping pill or to just put up with it and feel powerless over sleep disturbance?

Why do we not seek to understand the cause of sleep disturbance so that we can discover more, understand more about what is disturbing us?

Difficulty with sleep can be caused by too busy a mind, being too active before bedtime, going to bed upset – with unresolved issues.

Sleep difficulties can also be the result of coffee, tea, eating late, junk foods, and disturbance to your electromagnetic field caused by wifi, TV, computer etc in the bedroom.

We need to think about things and seek to understand the cause of every effect we experience. Everything is teaching us something important that we need to learn.

Transforming the way we think  


It’s time to think in new ways, to transform the way we think, examine the beliefs we hold, to open our minds.

New thinking needs to replace old thinking. This is an opportunity of our time that we are beginning to wake up to.

We think in terms of lack, lack in all sorts of ways – this belief is deep.  We have taken on poverty consciousness and believe in it as a reality.

Now we are called on to fully understand that our thoughts create our reality and the way we experience life.

We are to understand that we have the power to transform our consciousness from belief in poverty to abundance consciousness.  To do this we need to think, speak and live abundance.  We need to apply this new consciousness in how we live our lives.

We need to fill ourselves with thoughts of abundance – abundance of love, of joy, abundance of giving, of opportunities, of sharing, abundance of creativity and healing.  Look for the abundance in the Universe and experience how different this is to seeing, and focusing on, lack.

When you really work on keeping your mind focused on abundance, you will experience and attract abundance.

Old thinking is to see what happens to us as problems, bad, wrong for us and to struggle against it.

New thinking is to see everything that happens as a lesson, a challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow.  Everything is teaching us something we need to learn that will increase our understanding and decrease suffering. We are here to learn and grow not just to go through life and let it happen to us as if we are victims.

Old thinking is to live in fear and anxiety, always worrying and expecting the worst.

New thinking is to choose love and transcend fear – to realise that we are not limited human beings but, Divine, and that we can choose to consciously be on a spiritual path, learning what fulfils and enriches us.

We are very attached to worry, fear and anxiety and it is usually our first response to any experience.  It takes real effort and commitment to stop allowing fear and giving your power away to fear, but you will see great changes when you do.

Old thinking is that our nearest and dearest matter most and others are strangers and not connected to us.

New thinking is that we are all connected and we are called to care about all – not to worry about everyone but to care, to bless, wish the best to all and serve in any way we can.

Service is the law of life.

Old thinking is to hold onto old beliefs without ever questioning these and to keep a closed mind, suspicious of anything new or different.

New thinking is to have an open mind, to allow ideas to flow, to think creatively and always focus on solutions. Having an open mind also means that you are discerning – you think about things and make clear, loving judgements in your choices.

Old thinking had us cursing the darkness and focused on what we don’t like.

New thinking is to bless everyone and bless what we have, to practise gratitude and focus on what we do have, focus on the good.  This way we will experience increase in blessings, opportunities and abundance of all kinds.

What we focus on, increases.  We get more and more of what we think about.

Emotions – a Few More Thoughts  

Bluebells VP

So why master the emotional body?  Why do the work of not giving our power away to our feelings?  Feelings are so strong, so real and don’t we need to allow them, express them?

And many people like the buzz, the high that they get from emotions.  They think life could be very dull without the emotional highs.

This is something worth thinking about.

We know that negative feelings bring us a lot of pain and do not help or heal anything.  We have all experienced the prison of negative emotion and the drain on our energy when we give way to them.

Most of us have experienced being run by our feelings at times, most especially fear.  Our feelings control us so long as we are identified with them.

The majority of us know that experience of being identified with fear, anger, hurt, embarrassment, guilt etc.  – so caught up in the feeling that we feel like we are the feeling. There is no space between you and the feeling.

Feelings can run us ragged and push us around and pull us into confusion if we are not consciously in charge and using our mind to analyse them in a journal.

When we observe our feelings we are using our mind – we have made a space between us and the feeling.  We are freer to make choices and to understand what is going on for us.  We are freer to respond rather than to react.

When you are challenged emotionally, when your buttons are pressed, observe what you are feeling  and remain still and calm.  Accept that you have become upset because there is some issue within you that needs to be resolved.

The other person in the situation may well have behaved inappropriately and have their lesson to learn but your emotional reaction is letting you know that you have some unresolved issue to look at – with love and firmness. Take your attention away from the other person or situation and focus on what you are to learn.  This will truly help in your healing and growth.

It does take constant remembering of this and practice and being ready to keep on keeping on – we are so used to giving way to the emotions.  We have experienced them as so strong.

But as we keep practising we will discover the great strength in us to live differently, to choose differently – if this is what we really want.

So unless we master the emotional body it will run us and we will be victims and prisoners of it.  We will have the buzz, the highs but also the lows, the drama and the suffering.

As an example, try writing about a fear you have and as you write about it and increase your understanding, you will observe that the power of the fear is lessened. Your mind has helped you to see the thoughts causing the fear.  You are no longer controlled by the fear because you are observing it and are no longer identified with it.

This is all about seeing life and what happens from the perspective of the Soul and realising that we are not just an ego, a personality, a physical body; that life is not just about getting through it but about purpose and meaning, growing and discovering.

We all long for love, joy and peace and it is the Soul perspective that will lead us to these and increase these very qualities in us.

These are our true feelings at the core and essence of us but we need to get all the negative, false stuff out of the way so that we can live in love, joy and peace.