Emotions – a Few More Thoughts  

Bluebells VP

So why master the emotional body?  Why do the work of not giving our power away to our feelings?  Feelings are so strong, so real and don’t we need to allow them, express them?

And many people like the buzz, the high that they get from emotions.  They think life could be very dull without the emotional highs.

This is something worth thinking about.

We know that negative feelings bring us a lot of pain and do not help or heal anything.  We have all experienced the prison of negative emotion and the drain on our energy when we give way to them.

Most of us have experienced being run by our feelings at times, most especially fear.  Our feelings control us so long as we are identified with them.

The majority of us know that experience of being identified with fear, anger, hurt, embarrassment, guilt etc.  – so caught up in the feeling that we feel like we are the feeling. There is no space between you and the feeling.

Feelings can run us ragged and push us around and pull us into confusion if we are not consciously in charge and using our mind to analyse them in a journal.

When we observe our feelings we are using our mind – we have made a space between us and the feeling.  We are freer to make choices and to understand what is going on for us.  We are freer to respond rather than to react.

When you are challenged emotionally, when your buttons are pressed, observe what you are feeling  and remain still and calm.  Accept that you have become upset because there is some issue within you that needs to be resolved.

The other person in the situation may well have behaved inappropriately and have their lesson to learn but your emotional reaction is letting you know that you have some unresolved issue to look at – with love and firmness. Take your attention away from the other person or situation and focus on what you are to learn.  This will truly help in your healing and growth.

It does take constant remembering of this and practice and being ready to keep on keeping on – we are so used to giving way to the emotions.  We have experienced them as so strong.

But as we keep practising we will discover the great strength in us to live differently, to choose differently – if this is what we really want.

So unless we master the emotional body it will run us and we will be victims and prisoners of it.  We will have the buzz, the highs but also the lows, the drama and the suffering.

As an example, try writing about a fear you have and as you write about it and increase your understanding, you will observe that the power of the fear is lessened. Your mind has helped you to see the thoughts causing the fear.  You are no longer controlled by the fear because you are observing it and are no longer identified with it.

This is all about seeing life and what happens from the perspective of the Soul and realising that we are not just an ego, a personality, a physical body; that life is not just about getting through it but about purpose and meaning, growing and discovering.

We all long for love, joy and peace and it is the Soul perspective that will lead us to these and increase these very qualities in us.

These are our true feelings at the core and essence of us but we need to get all the negative, false stuff out of the way so that we can live in love, joy and peace.


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