Soul Consciousness vs Ego Consciousness  


When I live in the belief that I am an ego I feel on my own, under threat.  Life is essentially struggle.  I live in the belief of separation.  I am deeply concerned with what other people think of me, making an impression, being included, fitting in, feeling safe/secure, being right/getting it right.

Fear is my primary feeling and I experience life mostly as a victim.  A lot of my energy is tied up in the past in terms of regret and in the future in terms of worry.  My thoughts and feelings are essentially negative because I live as if separate from my Soul, my Spirit and other people and the Earth.  This separation is what has me living in fear and believing that the only way to have self worth is to be better than others and avoid inferiority.

I am disconnected from myself, my true self because I live out there in the world trying to make it ok.

When I live knowing I am Soul I connect with my true self.  Life changes completely.  I realise that everything that happens is teaching me; all challenges are opportunities to understand how I am off track and caught in faulty thinking.  Everything is teaching me to live in Soul consciousness, truth, love, joy, peace.  When my response to a problem is Thank you then I open my mind and expand my consciousness, my understanding.  I discover resources, gifts, abilities I never believed I had.

I understand that personal power and self love and worth are latent qualities within my Soul and that I can claim these and develop them.  I realise that they are essential to my psychological and spiritual health and well being.

I realise the power of my mind to create heaven or hell. I begin to get a sense of the purpose of my life.

Every moment in life we are presented with the choice to choose Soul or ego, everything or nothing, truth or illusion.

Where am I in this?  What do I want?  What am I choosing?


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