Make a decision to live your life with purpose.  Purpose gives meaning, clarity and direction to your life.  You are clear about what life is about and what you want to direct your energies towards.

It’s so easy to get caught in the busy-ness of life and to have your energies going in all sorts of directions.

How do you get clear about your purpose?

It’s good to ask questions like what is life about?  What do I want to do with my life?  What do I see out there in the world that needs changing? What can I do to make a difference in our world?

There’s a lot of giving out and railing against things.  This keeps us feeling angry and powerless. And the more we do this the more negative energy we create within us and around us.  And nothing gets better.

When, instead we look at a problem and think about solutions to this we expand our consciousness – we discover potential and resources we were not even aware of.  In taking this attitude to problems we experience an increase in energy and in our power to solve.

Think about your gifts, about what you are good at and about what you love to do.  This takes time – most people aren’t aware of these because they don’t tend to think in terms of their giftedness and what they are good at.

This ground work is essential and until you do it you won’t have a clear idea of your purpose. You need to make time in your life for this and to come back to it a number of times to help you get clear.  You need to stop that negative voice in yourself that might get in your way, saying things like you don’t know or that this is too much work or you don’t have the time.  Don’t give your power away to that voice.

Approach all of this with excitement and enthusiasm – you are finding your way, on a path of discovery, opening up to more and more of who you are and what life is about.

Our world needs you and the part you are to play.


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