“You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood.  However, as an adult, you are 100% responsible for fixing it.” Ken Keyes Jr.

This is a very interesting and helpful quote.  So much of our energy can be held in the past because we still feel caught in our early experiences.

The main reason we can get caught in the past is because we believe that we are wounded for always by our early experiences.  This is a belief worth thinking out and hopefully changing.

Most of us do have wounds from childhood that we need to heal and we can heal them.  We do need to acknowledge what was difficult for us so we can heal.  As an adult we can change how we look at our past.

We have a choice.

We can see our past as bad, unfair and wrong and leaving us wounded forever.  Or, we can see it as something we need to heal and then look at it from the perspective of how it has strengthened us.

Many would say we chose our parents and I would agree with this.  This can be a hard one to think possible for some but it is worth considering.

I really find it has helped me so much to understand that we are not victims – we are the authors of our lives.  Every choice we make can lift us up and move us forward or keep us caught in the past. Every thought we allow into our minds can lift us up and encourage us and create what we want in life. Or, our thoughts can drain us of energy, increase negativity and powerless and keep us creating what we don’t want in life.

So as children we absorbed a lot of faulty beliefs and attitudes but as an adult we have the choice and power to change these and choose the thoughts and attitudes that we want.

We are not responsible for what happened to us as a child but as an adult we need to free ourselves from imprisonment in past beliefs and attitudes so that we can discover and live our own truth. The truth that comes for the Soul within us.

It’s such an important one to become clear on.


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