More Thoughts on Responsibility  


I was talking about responsibility last newsletter – how we are not responsible for what happened to us as a child.  This is very important to understand – the adults were responsible when we were children.

However, as an adult we are responsible for freeing ourselves from old, faulty past beliefs and consciously choosing the thoughts we allow into our minds and the thoughts we don’t allow.

We are also responsible for healing old wounds.  One understanding that really helped me in healing old wounds was the realisation that I have the choice to learn from my past and forgive and heal or to stay stuck in it and keep the wound open and prevent healing.

It’s also important to understand that we are responsible only for ourselves, and, for children we may have, but we are not responsible for other adults.  We cannot take responsibility for the choices another makes.

This is a hard one for us especially when we are closely connected with the other person.

We can’t change another person we can only change ourselves but when we change ourselves we are making a difference to the whole of humanity, as we are all connected.

So much of our energy can get tied up in trying to change another person.  We can find ourselves worrying about them, wishing they would think or behave differently or see what they need to do.  We can often see so much more clearly what another person needs to do than we can see what we need to do.

Every time we get upset there is a lesson for us.  We may see it as caused by the other person and what they need to change but the lesson is ours.  It’s showing us something we need to bring up to the light and understand how it is out of alignment with the Soul in us.

We are not responsible for others but we can help them by being there for them, caring, praying for them.  Remember worry achieves nothing except energy drain.  Trusting in the strength and Soul of the other and blessing them, whenever you think of them, is very powerful.


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