Beginning anew in 2015

robinfrostMBDecA new year and opportunity for new beginning.  Many talk about it being of no use to set goals and make resolutions because they just don’t keep them. They start out with all this energy of renewal and then loose the drive.

Resolutions and setting goals are essential to us if we are to keep learning, growing and improving –  not just making do and getting on with life in a half-hearted way.
Life is precious and we are here to learn and grow – to discover new territories, new abilities, skills, gifts, solutions, ways of seeing and understanding.
We all have patterns that are not serving us, habits that keep us stuck, old beliefs that limit us.
We need to connect with the Christopher Columbus within and set forth to discover the greatness within. As you do this you will increase your energies, your strength, your understanding, your vision.
It’s time to do a clear out of all the old stuff that’s clogging up your energies and your space. It’s time to get clear about what is important to you, what’s stopping you and what you are willing to do to live your life more fully.
It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself, but, when you do, life becomes so much more interesting.  Now you are living – aware of that mighty spirit within you. Now you are beginning to get a sense of the power in you to take positive, intelligent action, to create, to get involved, to make changes.
Do we really believe we are here to just put up with the way things are; to keep creating more fear, sickness, lack and war; to keep feeling helpless, powerless, pushed around by life?
Things will change when the blaming and complaining stop and we stop allowing fear to rule and guide us. It is time to work together, let go of the old and create the new.

It’s time to focus on the good, to see good and devote our lives to love.

Get clear on goals you want to set for yourself.  Work out the steps that will take you towards your goals.  Plan and each day make sure to take a step or two towards whatever goal or goals you are focusing on.  If you forget, just start again – never give up.  Keep on keeping on and enjoy all you discover.


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