How we interpret what another person says or does, how we interpret any situation, depends on our beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves.  The stories we tell ourselves come from our beliefs.

We don’t see others or what happens, as they are – we see them through our attitudes, beliefs, expectations.

When you hold a belief such as I don’t get help or support then this is the story you tell yourself over and over without being particularly conscious of it. You expect this and you interpret your experiences through this belief.  You look for this and you find it.

When you hold a belief such as “I am not good enough”, it colours everything in your life.  You tell yourself over and over that you are not good enough.  You expect others to think this of you and so you see this – you interpret things as letting you know this.  You just seem to get more and more of it.  You then decide that this is the truth – you are not good enough.

Think about other beliefs such as “life is hard”, “I have to work hard if I am going to be able to manage”, “I have got to stay in this job I hate because it’s all there is for me”, “there are very few jobs and serious lack of money”.

So you are focused on lack and hardship and powerlessness and you see more and more of it and this is what you experience.

Many people expect to be rejected or left out and so this is what they look for and see.  Every experience they have seems to prove their belief, that they are on the outside, not included in some way.

We all work very hard to ensure we don’t get rejected, trying to please, to fit in and often, very often at the expense of being true to self and listening to inner wisdom and guidance.

Another story people tell themselves over and over is, how lonely they are and so this is what they experience, what they get.  Life seems to prove to them that this is all that’s there for them.

The mind is powerful and everything starts in the mind.

If you want to change your experience you must start with changing your thinking, your beliefs, the stories that you find yourself repeating over and over.

Remember your beliefs, the stories that you tell yourself are colouring what you see all the time.  They are like a lens you look through and you interpret what you see wearing these lenses.


The Power of the Stories we tell ourselves  


Many of us can feel we are unsupported, or no one listens to us or left out.  These can be some of the stories we live by and so we interpret life through the lens of these stories. This means I expect no support or not to be listened to or to be left out or whatever the story is that I tell myself. I see these things where others wouldn’t.

It is so important to get to know the stories you tell yourself because what you expect, you look for and you attract. What you focus on increases.  This is a Law of the Universe.

So let’s turn it all around and see these stories from another angle altogether.  When you feel unsupported the experience is telling you that you are not supporting yourself.  The healing of this pattern of suffering will come when you see this and take it on – when you recognise that the experience of support starts from within you.

You support yourself when you choose to love yourself and appreciate yourself and your giftedness – all you are and all you bring.  You support yourself when you believe in yourself, in the love, power and wisdom within you and live from this. You support yourself by giving time to listening to yourself with your journal – making space in your life for going within and listening to what’s going on for you. You support yourself when you recognise the Soul within you and all you have to give and give it, share it in the world.

If I believe no one listens to me the healing will come when I begin to listen to myself and to that “still small voice within” – when I make the journey to the within and find my true Self.

If I see myself as left out, overlooked, then I can heal this through recognising that this is just a story I tell myself because of earlier experiences in my life [our stories are generally related to early experiences in life].  Now I don’t need to be imprisoned by this story any longer and I can find healing through recognising how I leave myself out.


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We all have patterns that are not serving us, habits that keep us stuck, old beliefs that limit us.
We need to connect with the Christopher Columbus within and set forth to discover the greatness within. As you do this you will increase your energies, your strength, your understanding, your vision.  You will increase your involvement in, and power to create the life you want.
Goals are very much about clarity and moving forward in our lives, improving and taking charge.

Setting goals to give up smoking, drinking sweet fizzy drinks, eating sugar in all its various guises, reduce or give up alcohol and coffee, are essential to your health and well-being.
Other goals might be to drink more water, exercise more, spend less time in front of the TV and/or playing games, get involved in active voluntary work, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, include meditation and journaling in your daily routine, take action on something that is holding you stuck, learn new skills, develop new interests.
Now, sure you might find you give up or fall down on your efforts but the key is to pick yourself up and start over – never give up.
This is so important – never give up, never give into defeat. If we are to move forward we must develop discipline and staying power.  We must persist.  These are not drudgery – these are qualities that have you at the helm of your ship, clear on your direction rather than tossed around by any squall or storm.
Don’t allow any excuses such as “I am not a disciplined sort of person”.  This is a very limiting and disempowering label to put on yourself. Discipline is a quality we all need and one we must work at.
It is time to take courage, move forward, do your part.  Your part is essential to the whole – no part is less or more important.
Every effort you make to change and improve you and your life, makes a difference to the whole.