Love or Fear  


Just think there are only 2 emotions – love and fear. All the negative emotions we experience come from fear.  All the positive emotions we experience come from love.

We experience fear because we believe in separation.  Separation is another word for fear. We experience fear because we think we are a physical body and an ego. The ego sees separation and loneliness.

We have forgotten who we truly are. We have an ego but we are not the ego. We are Soul, Spirit and life is precious.  The Soul sees oneness and connection.  How different.

The ego has us constantly in flight or fight mode, under threat, trying to please, to fit in.

When we attune to Soul, to Spirit we are focused on truth and meaning and purpose, learning, growing, evolving, oneness.

When you feel the pull to fear, to upset, stop and think about it rather than going with your feelings.  Think what it looks like to see this situation through the perspective of ego and separation.  Then think what it is like to see it from the perspective of the Soul.

The Soul sees everything as a lesson, a challenge and an opportunity to grow.  Your energy then goes into seeing solutions and seeing the opportunity that this lesson is bringing to you. You don’t feel a victim of what has happened – you are taking charge and ready to learn and grow.

Your energy isn’t being drained in struggling against what has happened.  You are busy learning and growing, deepening your understanding and using the love, power and wisdom that is within you.

Every moment of our lives, we have the choice to choose love or fear.  Think about this.


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