Understanding Power                

Sweep of strong seaMBju13

Why is it so important to develop our personal power, the power that is within each of us?

When I first came to learn about personal power it made a whole big difference to my understanding.  Looking back on my life up to that time, I could see how understanding personal power would have made a mighty difference to my experience.

First of all I had the idea that femininity and timidity went together. I didn’t think of myself as strong. I was described as a shy child and thought this was who I was until I understood that shyness is simply a derivative of fear and I needed to change this and be true to my true self.  It takes personal power to be true to oneself – to stand by what you see as the best or the good – not with aggression but with firmness, while also respecting the views of the other person.

How did personal power change my experience and deepen my understanding?

I began to understand how I gave my power away – in all sorts of ways – to other people, to my feelings and emotions [especially fear], to my physical body, to negativity, to the inner child.

I began to understand that we all have this power within us and we need to claim it, acknowledge it, each morning and use it, otherwise it stays underdeveloped. It helped me to be conscious of my thoughts and to start choosing the thoughts I allow into my mind, to learn to respond rather than react, to stop negative focus, to move out of my comfort zone, to be decisive, to have courage, to make changes, to follow my inner guidance, to see where I was procrastinating and take action, to be focused and clear, to stop giving my power away and instead use it to become a better person and to discover my purpose and to give in whatever way I can give.

Personal power is essential because without it we cannot be effective in life – we tend to go with the flow, drifting along and tossed about by the storms of life, rather than take charge and make the very best of this precious opportunity to learn, to grow and to discover.


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