The sky MB

We are so much out there outside of ourselves feeling liked or not liked, loved or not loved, admired or not – buffeted around by life.

So long as we think of ourselves as a physical body and an ego, we feel separate and under threat, in fight or flight mode. We need to remember who we truly are – Spirit, a soul on an important journey. When I am thinking this way, I take on my life, I take charge.

When you are in a social situation you may find that you are trying to work out what’s expected of you, how to fit in, how to be interesting – trying to feel ok, safe. It’s so different to centre yourself, to come back into yourself, to become aware of the Soul within, of Spirit and to become aware of the love, power and wisdom within. It’s so different to centre in your heart and seek to be true to yourself and to focus on connection rather than separation. It’s so different to be still [just to have a sense of this even in a social situation] and centred in your heart, seeking the best for all.

I use my journal to affirm that this is how I want to be – this is how I want to think. I write about how I want to choose love and transcend fear and to truly understand how we are all connected. I know that the more I focus my mind and heart this way, the more that is what I experience – love and connection.

When I find myself pulled to judge another, I say to myself I don’t want to judge anyone.  Why would I want this? It’s just an old, ingrained negative habit.  I affirm to myself that I want the best for others as well as myself.  I care and I wish no harm to anyone – only good.


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