Emotions, emotions, emotions! The world is, generally, emotionally polarised. Emotions get roused easily and we even think emotionally. Very often we are run by our feelings and at the mercy of our emotions.

Just take a listen to the news – so full of emotion, drama, trauma – and so, so many TV programmes also. Why do we immerse ourselves in all this anxst and aggression and fear? There’s such a pull to it and yet it increases turmoil in us. It certainly doesn’t increase feelings of peace and calm! Observe the effect of TV and news on you and think about this.

People, generally, are very caught in emotions – emotions are where we go when issues arise. It doesn’t have to be this way. Negative emotions drain us and, giving in to them, just increases the power of the negative emotions and feelings. It is not good to dump them on others or to suppress them either.

These are 7 tips for helping manage negative emotions:

  1. Remember everything that challenges you is a lesson and opportunity to grow. It’s teaching you exactly what you need to learn now. When you accept what has happened as yours to learn from, you stop reacting and you see what needs changing in you. The other person may be acting from negativity and the situation may be difficult, but you can only change you, not the other person. This is powerful.
  2. Remember when you get upset the cause of your upset is within you – caused by your thoughts, attitudes, interpretations. The other person or situation is the trigger but the cause of your upset is within you. This helps you to focus on what needs healing and adjusting within you.
  3. Acknowledge your negative emotions and try to trace back to the negative thoughts, attitudes, interpretations causing them.
  4. Journal under these 4 headings – What happened? How did you react? Why did it upset you? What was it teaching you? You are listening to your feelings , making space for you and using your mind to understand more.
  5. Understand that emotions are currents of energy and you have the power to change that energy from negative to positive, from destructive to constructive. Negative feelings and emotions pollute your energy field.
  6. Focus on changing the negative feeling to a positive emotion – a big ask you might say but try it out, practise this and see how it makes a difference. Change the fear, the anger, to joy. Think joy and do a dance around the room. Feel the energy of joy. Or think gratitude and do a dance of gratitude around the room focused on all you feel thankful for.  Feel gratitude.
  7. Claim and use the power in you to shift your attention from a negative focus to a positive, Spiritual one – from fear to love, joy, gratitude, trust and so forth. This takes determination and practice but you can do it.

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