Opening to the New


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  Albert Einstein

Many of us are stuck in old thinking, old, unquestioned beliefs. Why do you think we fear the new, the different? Why do we close our minds? We might say in reply because you have to be careful. You don’t want to let anyone influence you in the wrong way. But sure this is happening all the time with the fear put out daily and repeatedly through the media, through various violent/abusive TV programmes and films and a lot of ads too – all these influence us and can have a strong power. We don’t question these.

I think new ideas, new ways of seeing things, bring us out of our comfort zone. We equate discomfort with wrong and so we reject the new as ridiculous, way out, mad. In our comfort zone we feel what we would call security.

We do need to learn to discern carefully. We also need to realise that we have inner wisdom and when we think about things and discern, we are using our inner wisdom and strengthening it.

It is really good for us to ask ourselves, in our journaling time, such questions as –

Why do I believe/trust in all that I do believe to be true?

Does it feel ok for me to look at this question and to realise my world won’t fall down around me?

Why do we go along with what the majority believe as if it’s truth simply because so many go along with it?

I remember some years ago, reading The Grand Design by Patrick Francis. I would read a small part and then say ok that’s enough for me to digest for today. It was so different to how I understood reality to be at that time.  I was drawn to it. It did touch some fear/insecurity because it was so different but I realised that I could open my mind to this and take in what was ok for me and leave what was not and do it at my own pace. It was expanding my understanding of life. This was the first of many books on the way and now I can say how truly grateful I am for all I have learned and am learning. I love and welcome the new, new ideas and understanding and all we have the opportunity to discover.


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