The Development of Consciousness  

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We are here to learn and grow, discover truth, evolve, live purposefully, live deeply and fully.  We are not here to suffer, be victims of our past and of life generally, or to make do.
Life is precious and there is so much that is unlived within us.
We have the power to become masters and healers through the development of our consciousness.
Life really begins when we make contact with the Soul, the Spirit within us and live our lives from this connection. When we choose to be guided by Spirit within, then, everything matters, every aspect of self and life.
You begin to understand how essential it is to your psychological health and growth, to claim and use your personal power and to learn to love yourself unconditionally.
Your physical body matters and you begin to love and care for it and to master it.  You stop giving your power away to your physical body and instead you take charge.
Now you begin to understand that symptoms are not to be “got rid of” but to be listened to and understood – they are telling you something is out of balance.  For example your headache might tell you that you are dehydrated and need to drink more water, or that you are stressed and need to work out what is stressing you and what action you can take to change this, or that you need to overcome the habit of having chocolate in the evening, or that you are stuck in some thought pattern and need to journal to get clear, and so on.  There are many possible messages that a headache, or any other physical symptom, can be giving you.
You become more aware of how you can be run by your emotions and how you can be at the mercy of your feelings.  You begin to understand that your feelings are caused by your thoughts and you can change your experience by changing your thoughts. You realise that when you give your power away to your feelings you end up feeling more confused and often feeling bad.
You see how so much of the time your mind is on automatic pilot, caught up in a constant flow of thoughts that you are not aware of.  You begin to understand how your mind is running you and that taking charge of the thoughts you allow into your mind and those you don’t allow, makes a real difference to how you experience life.
You begin to understand that when you work with your soul and take charge of your physical body, your emotions and your mind, life becomes so much better.  Now you are living, you are alive.
Meditation and journaling are two important ways of connecting with your Soul, with your inner guidance and beginning to understand the power and beauty of your Spirit and being and the meaning and purpose of your precious life.
“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within, awakens.” Carl Jung



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There is so much for us to discover about life and ourselves.  We live in such a limited understanding of who we are and what life is all about.

Take the prevailing attitude toward the migrants coming in great numbers from extremely difficult situations. The main reaction is fear – fear of these “strangers”, of them taking jobs, costing money, etc. This is the main news attitude put out on the media. However, on the ground, many people are responding with love and doing all they can to help, to reach out, to welcome these people.

We have the choice in every moment to react with fear or to choose love and see the good, the potential, the solutions. The human Spirit is mighty. This is evident in so many inspiring stories.

In Szeged, in Hungary, a group have come together to help the migrants. They set up a facebook page and through this have raised funds, food contributions and members to help. One Szeged-born technician, Daniel Szatmary, said his time living in the UK taught him that “more nations means more experience”. Through his involvement, he believes his own life began. He gave and in his giving he discovered he received, and so much.

In Southern Spain a group of priests has come together to give the migrants tools – such as courses in language and skills which are likely to bring them employment – so that they have options like everyone else.

Don’t stories like these make you feel good! They help us to realise that when we approach challenges as opportunities, we see solutions and create even more opportunities. Fear contracts us and keeps us feeling powerless. Love, working together, enriches us, empowers us and creates all kinds of new and great experiences.

Become aware of when fear is getting hold in you and think about it, journal about it and choose not to allow fear to control you and your life anymore.

Develop an attitude of discovery.  Think “what is the opportunity in this challenge I have or that we have in the world?”

That word Discipline

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Many people will say in a discussion about discipline “I am not a disciplined type of person” as if this is something you are or are not. Really discipline is a quality that is much needed in life and one that makes life a whole lot easier.

It is a quality that we all need to develop. Yes, some of us are more drawn to discipline than others but we all have areas where we are less disciplined and need more of it.

The key in life is to be both structured and organised and yet, totally flexible. Many people are either quite disorganised or tend to be rigid and inflexible. It really helps us so much to get clear on where we are on this and to make changes.

Take your journal and ask yourself the following questions –

What are my thoughts about discipline?

What does the word discipline bring up in me?

What builds discipline?

Where do I need to apply discipline? Think about one area in your life where you need more discipline or list a few areas but choose one to focus on now.  Say, for example, it’s a food or beverage you want to cut out, or making daily time to have a walk or meditate or journal, or making plans for food, shopping, your day generally – think about what will help you to apply discipline in this area. Think about how much you want to make this happen, how determined you are.  Write about how you will keep on and never give up. Decide that if you fall down on it, you will pick yourself up and start over.

How does discipline bring freedom to one’s life? This is an interesting question and worth giving time to and coming back to. You will understand more as you work with discipline.

Discipline is ordered activity and when our activity is ordered, time expands, we have a sense of having more time and we have a sense of rhythm in our life.

The Magic of Order


In one of the Journaling groups we are focusing on order, looking at and aiming to understand it more.

We are asking ourselves questions such as –

What are the benefits of order as you see it?

Where are you ordered in your life and where do you find it difficult to be ordered?

In the areas where you find it difficult to be ordered, why do you think this is?

Do this exercise for yourself now and see what you learn from it.

For so many of us, a lot of the time, we have an experience of being a bit all over the place, pulled from one thing to another. There is a sense of “not enough time”, stress, lack of time for what we want to do. Fragmentation. This is very draining and can lead to feeling exhausted.

Some of the big benefits of order, as I see it, is that I make much better use of my time and time expands – I have more of it, more time is available to me. And I find time to fit in what I want to fit in. I am no longer battling with time, as if there is not enough time. So order greatly reduces our experience of stress.

Small examples of order would be that I charge my phone at the same time every day and in the same place; that I leave my keys in the same place each time I have finished using them; that I put the scissors back in their place after using them.

Then there is the bigger picture – getting up at a particular time and sticking to it, having a plan for the day, having a list of what needs to be attended to and allocating time to these, having a general sense of structure in your life – a time to meditate, to journal, to walk in nature, a plan for meals, for work. Order, routine, structure, planning, goals – are all part of it and all lead to having an experience of rhythm in your life

The key, spiritually, is to be both structured and organised and yet, totally flexible.