That word Discipline

Field of poppies

Many people will say in a discussion about discipline “I am not a disciplined type of person” as if this is something you are or are not. Really discipline is a quality that is much needed in life and one that makes life a whole lot easier.

It is a quality that we all need to develop. Yes, some of us are more drawn to discipline than others but we all have areas where we are less disciplined and need more of it.

The key in life is to be both structured and organised and yet, totally flexible. Many people are either quite disorganised or tend to be rigid and inflexible. It really helps us so much to get clear on where we are on this and to make changes.

Take your journal and ask yourself the following questions –

What are my thoughts about discipline?

What does the word discipline bring up in me?

What builds discipline?

Where do I need to apply discipline? Think about one area in your life where you need more discipline or list a few areas but choose one to focus on now.  Say, for example, it’s a food or beverage you want to cut out, or making daily time to have a walk or meditate or journal, or making plans for food, shopping, your day generally – think about what will help you to apply discipline in this area. Think about how much you want to make this happen, how determined you are.  Write about how you will keep on and never give up. Decide that if you fall down on it, you will pick yourself up and start over.

How does discipline bring freedom to one’s life? This is an interesting question and worth giving time to and coming back to. You will understand more as you work with discipline.

Discipline is ordered activity and when our activity is ordered, time expands, we have a sense of having more time and we have a sense of rhythm in our life.


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