eagle flyingMBSept13

There is so much for us to discover about life and ourselves.  We live in such a limited understanding of who we are and what life is all about.

Take the prevailing attitude toward the migrants coming in great numbers from extremely difficult situations. The main reaction is fear – fear of these “strangers”, of them taking jobs, costing money, etc. This is the main news attitude put out on the media. However, on the ground, many people are responding with love and doing all they can to help, to reach out, to welcome these people.

We have the choice in every moment to react with fear or to choose love and see the good, the potential, the solutions. The human Spirit is mighty. This is evident in so many inspiring stories.

In Szeged, in Hungary, a group have come together to help the migrants. They set up a facebook page and through this have raised funds, food contributions and members to help. One Szeged-born technician, Daniel Szatmary, said his time living in the UK taught him that “more nations means more experience”. Through his involvement, he believes his own life began. He gave and in his giving he discovered he received, and so much.

In Southern Spain a group of priests has come together to give the migrants tools – such as courses in language and skills which are likely to bring them employment – so that they have options like everyone else.

Don’t stories like these make you feel good! They help us to realise that when we approach challenges as opportunities, we see solutions and create even more opportunities. Fear contracts us and keeps us feeling powerless. Love, working together, enriches us, empowers us and creates all kinds of new and great experiences.

Become aware of when fear is getting hold in you and think about it, journal about it and choose not to allow fear to control you and your life anymore.

Develop an attitude of discovery.  Think “what is the opportunity in this challenge I have or that we have in the world?”


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