Seeing Opportunity not Problem


We have the choice to feel a victim of our challenges or to focus on the opportunity they bring and learn from them. This takes a huge shift in our thinking.

When we rail against what happens, complain about it, look for someone or something to blame for it – we increase our feelings of powerlessness and stress.

When we say thank you for the challenge and seek to understand the opportunity in it, we discover strengths, power and resources in us that we never realised we had.

Our automatic reaction to something that upsets us is to struggle against it and see it as unfair. It takes practice to change our attitude to seeing the experience as teaching us.

Even the little things that irk us – they are our teachers.

Most of the time we are repeating the same old experiences over and over because we keep reacting to them in the same old way. Einstein put it this way “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Every time you experience conflict or disharmony within you, this is telling you to examine your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, interpretations. Take your focus away from the other person or the situation. Stop the replay of what happened – which only serves to increase your negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, take your journal as soon as you can and write about why this is upsetting you and what it is teaching you.

Just think, everything is teaching us exactly what we need to learn. With this attitude we are owning our power and taking charge. We are increasing our understanding, using our minds, thinking creatively and thinking solutions. It is so different. We are beginning to heal the disharmony we live in so much of the time.

Next time something upsets you, big or small, take a deep breath and try saying thank you and thinking about what it is teaching you.


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