Blind Spots

Many people react strongly to particular ideas, words, groups etc.


Anything we are reacting to is telling us that we need to look within, at our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, interpretations to discover what’s causing it so we can clear it and not be controlled by it.


Our reactions are usually quite unconscious and there is an unquestioned sense that we are fixed and right in them. They are different to that inner knowing of truth.


It is worth looking at, and thinking about, our reactions like these and to examine any prejudices or blind spots we have because they control us and close our minds.


Reactions come from threat and fear. When we open our minds and develop discernment, we stop cutting ourselves off and, instead, develop our inner sense of knowing and truth.





BlueSkyMBI once read that Thanksgiving is not just about giving thanks for the past year but for all that is coming in the year ahead.

Most of us generally live in a state of anxiety, ready for the worst, as if this keeps us in a state of readiness.

Buddha said “When you realise that everything is perfect, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

When we are in a state of gratitude, we are held in a sense of all is well and this strengthens us, uplifts us and has us expecting good. This is just so different, isn’t it?

If we continue with the habit of anxiety, ready for flight or fight, we just continue with the same suffering and negative expectation –feeling powerless over what happens. This weakens us – we feel a victim of what happens.

When we choose to practise gratitude, we move out of anxiety and into a state of trust – trusting that we will be able for any challenges and that we will have all the resources we need to manage them and learn from them.

We begin to trust in the benevolence of life and lo and behold, we begin to experience the benevolence of life.