Love heals us, nourishes us, expands us, moves us forward, connects us.  It’s the message in the children’s film “Frozen” – love is the solution to their problem, their frozen state of fear. Fear contracts us. Love opens us up and expands us.

There are only 2 emotions – love and fear. All other emotions come from either of these. Observe yourself and others [without judgement] and become aware of how negative emotions are caused by fear and positive ones come from love. Notice how easy it is to be pulled into fear and how it can really help to say to yourself with strong positive feeling “I will not give in to fear – I choose love and trust.”

If we are to build love we need to keep focusing on it, working with it, choosing it – learning to trust in love and not in fear. “We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic” Susan Jeffers. We need to undo this false belief and we can only do this by focusing on love, choosing love and observing the wonderful effects.

People seem to have less time than ever to reflect, to have quiet time, light a candle and be still – make space to feel love for oneself, for Spirit, for all people, all creation.

Give yourself the gift of time to be still and think love, feel love, practise love. Plan your time so that you get the tasks done and also have that space for you.



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