The Soul’s Perspective


It is so different to see our experiences from the perspective of the Soul as opposed to the perspective of ego.

The ego sees problems and bummers. The Soul understands everything as being a lesson, challenge and opportunity to grow and to understand truth.

The ego struggles against what happens and sees it as unfair, bad, wrong, terrible, traumatic, something you can never get over. The Soul knows that each challenge holds an opportunity to grow in understanding and in our realisation of love and truth.

The ego sees separation and loneliness. The Soul sees connection and oneness.

The ego expects negative things to happen – is waiting for the next “thing” that’s round the corner. The ego warns you to prepare yourself by worrying and not getting too happy with how well things are going.

The Soul operates in positive expectation, trusting in the benevolence of life, knowing that as you learn from your challenges and focus on the opportunity in each one, that your consciousness expands, your heart and mind expand, life takes on deeper meaning.

The ego lives with threat and on constant high alert, always focused on security, safety caused by the belief that security is an outside job. If things are ok outside me, people like me, approve of me, think well of me and such, then I am secure, safe.

The Soul knows it is love and that fear is illusion – that insecurity is caused by the belief that you are a physical body, an ego, on your own.

The Spiritual path is about learning what the Soul already knows.

Over the next 2 weeks observe your reactions to what happens and see what it is like to understand what you experience from the perspective of the Soul.


Changing my Thinking, my Patterns


The sky MB

In my last blog we looked at the story most of humanity lives by and the new story we can choose to live by. They are so different.

When you journal you will begin to see just how much you live by the old story – that you are a physical body, an ego, a personality, constantly under threat and on high alert. You believe you must constantly defend yourself and prove yourself.

Because we believe we are separate from the Divine, from our Soul, we live in fear. Separation is another word for fear. And as a result we have developed a whole negative way of thinking and feeling – based on separation. This negative, fear-based, separative way of thinking has us concerned with trying to fit in, conforming, with feeling safe/ok, with being liked, with doing the right thing – the thing that seems to please, to be expected. It has us very disconnected from our true Self.

Now when you live by your true Self, you will be more connected to yourself, to your Higher Self and to others.  Your connection won’t be based on trying to get others to like you, approve of you, to fit in but on a desire to care for, support and love others generally. You won’t come from duty and “shoulds” but from the desire to build connection, cooperation, to serve the greater good of all.


As you journal you will get clearer and clearer about how the negative ego, fear-based thought system pulls you off centre and into illusion and suffering. You will use your mind to understand your feelings and to gain clarity. You will see more and more how you have the choice to choose ego, separation, and fear or love, forgiveness and growth. You will understand more clearly what it means to take charge of yourself, to be the master of your physical body, your emotions and your thoughts. You will connect more and more with your Soul, your Higher Self, with your intuition, with purpose and meaning.

Every moment we have the choice to choose love or fear, to respond or to react, to choose ego or Soul, to get dragged into conflict or to transmute the energy of conflict to harmony.



The Story we live by



We all have stories we tell ourselves – such as there’s no support for me, I’m not good enough, nobody listens to me, other people are strong but not me –  and these stories colour our experience of life.

Now there is a story that we as humanity have been living out for a very long time – It goes something like this –

I am a physical body, an ego and I’m separate, on my own. I must always be ready to see the threat to me in any given situation.  I must be ready for fight or flight.

I must conform, fit in and make sure not to be rejected.

I must try to be approved of, liked, please others so that I feel ok.

I must constantly focus on what other people expect of me.

I need to impress others.

Fear is the feeling I experience a lot.

I keep looking for proof that I am lovable and worthy from other people  – as if only they can prove to me that I am lovable and worthy.

The world is a terrible place and the only solutions to our problems are war and looking after ourselves, looking after our own. Bad things keep happening – life is hard, tough, traumatic.

There is so much lack.

Life happens to us. You just get through it.

I need entertainment, distractions , to make it ok.


Now, I am going to tell you another story – a very different one –

See what happens inside you as you listen to this –

I am a Soul, Spirit living in this physical body.

I am here to learn, grow and discover – to seek truth, remember who I am, to make a difference.

Everything is teaching me exactly what I need to learn. Everything is helping me to grow in unconditional love. Life is a journey of discovery.

I trust in the benevolence of life.

I am never alone.

I have a Higher Self who is always there guiding me and loving me.

I can ask my Higher Self to throw light on any issue I am experiencing.

When I don’t know what to do, I can ask my Higher Self to guide me.

I know the Soul/Higher Self is my compass in life but it cannot guide me if I deny its existence and don’t turn to it for help and guidance.

I know that once I turn my attention toward the light of my Soul that I will no longer feel lost and I know I need to do this every day and not just when I am in trouble.

I need to practise this every day so that I learn to hear this guidance in my life.

I have experience that love heals. It connects me with other people. It builds bridges. It brings me to a sense of unity and oneness.

I see how love is truly more powerful than fear and how, when I choose love, it really helps me to overcome fear.

I know that we are all connected. Life is about working together for the greater good of all. My love can stretch to everyone.

I see in the world that many of the world challenges are sorted when we work together, reach out and care for one another. I feel so uplifted and inspired when we work together to find solutions and when I witness people out in the world making a difference.

I know that as we work together we can find solutions to challenges and discover resources among ourselves and within us that we never would have believed were there.

I enjoy my life and I give thanks for all my challenges and lessons and the opportunities they bring me to learn how to live in love and oneness.


Building a Relationship with your Higher Self


Copy of sun-150x150

So why build a relationship with your Higher Self?  Your Higher Self is always loving, guiding, supporting you but generally you are not aware of this at all and experience life as if, deep down, you are on your own. This is so far from the truth.

Many will say but I don’t have any sense of being guided. That is because many have not even heard of their Higher Self. So I am not asking you to believe what I say but to think about it and try it out and learn from your own experience.

Most of us live very much outside of ourselves trying to fit in, to be liked, approved of, to matter, to be safe. We live by the code of fear that has such power over humanity. It’s time to change this.

Your Higher Self is your compass in life but it cannot guide you if you never turn to it for help and guidance and deny its existence.

You need to make it a practice every day to attune to your Higher Self, talk to her/him. When you don’t know what to do, ask for guidance and ideas. When you feel lonely or a bit lost, attune to your Higher Self and realise and feel how loved you are always, no matter what. You are never alone.

When you meditate you can attune to your Higher Self and to love. When you journal and are unsure what the lesson you are writing about is teaching you, ask your Higher Self to enlighten you. You will understand more – and more as you keep practising.

You need to do this every day and not just when you are in trouble. You need to take time to build your relationship with your Soul, your Higher Self. You have the love of your Soul within you, always there for you, ready to listen to you and guide you, waiting for you to ask.