The Story we live by



We all have stories we tell ourselves – such as there’s no support for me, I’m not good enough, nobody listens to me, other people are strong but not me –  and these stories colour our experience of life.

Now there is a story that we as humanity have been living out for a very long time – It goes something like this –

I am a physical body, an ego and I’m separate, on my own. I must always be ready to see the threat to me in any given situation.  I must be ready for fight or flight.

I must conform, fit in and make sure not to be rejected.

I must try to be approved of, liked, please others so that I feel ok.

I must constantly focus on what other people expect of me.

I need to impress others.

Fear is the feeling I experience a lot.

I keep looking for proof that I am lovable and worthy from other people  – as if only they can prove to me that I am lovable and worthy.

The world is a terrible place and the only solutions to our problems are war and looking after ourselves, looking after our own. Bad things keep happening – life is hard, tough, traumatic.

There is so much lack.

Life happens to us. You just get through it.

I need entertainment, distractions , to make it ok.


Now, I am going to tell you another story – a very different one –

See what happens inside you as you listen to this –

I am a Soul, Spirit living in this physical body.

I am here to learn, grow and discover – to seek truth, remember who I am, to make a difference.

Everything is teaching me exactly what I need to learn. Everything is helping me to grow in unconditional love. Life is a journey of discovery.

I trust in the benevolence of life.

I am never alone.

I have a Higher Self who is always there guiding me and loving me.

I can ask my Higher Self to throw light on any issue I am experiencing.

When I don’t know what to do, I can ask my Higher Self to guide me.

I know the Soul/Higher Self is my compass in life but it cannot guide me if I deny its existence and don’t turn to it for help and guidance.

I know that once I turn my attention toward the light of my Soul that I will no longer feel lost and I know I need to do this every day and not just when I am in trouble.

I need to practise this every day so that I learn to hear this guidance in my life.

I have experience that love heals. It connects me with other people. It builds bridges. It brings me to a sense of unity and oneness.

I see how love is truly more powerful than fear and how, when I choose love, it really helps me to overcome fear.

I know that we are all connected. Life is about working together for the greater good of all. My love can stretch to everyone.

I see in the world that many of the world challenges are sorted when we work together, reach out and care for one another. I feel so uplifted and inspired when we work together to find solutions and when I witness people out in the world making a difference.

I know that as we work together we can find solutions to challenges and discover resources among ourselves and within us that we never would have believed were there.

I enjoy my life and I give thanks for all my challenges and lessons and the opportunities they bring me to learn how to live in love and oneness.



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