Changing my Thinking, my Patterns


The sky MB

In my last blog we looked at the story most of humanity lives by and the new story we can choose to live by. They are so different.

When you journal you will begin to see just how much you live by the old story – that you are a physical body, an ego, a personality, constantly under threat and on high alert. You believe you must constantly defend yourself and prove yourself.

Because we believe we are separate from the Divine, from our Soul, we live in fear. Separation is another word for fear. And as a result we have developed a whole negative way of thinking and feeling – based on separation. This negative, fear-based, separative way of thinking has us concerned with trying to fit in, conforming, with feeling safe/ok, with being liked, with doing the right thing – the thing that seems to please, to be expected. It has us very disconnected from our true Self.

Now when you live by your true Self, you will be more connected to yourself, to your Higher Self and to others.  Your connection won’t be based on trying to get others to like you, approve of you, to fit in but on a desire to care for, support and love others generally. You won’t come from duty and “shoulds” but from the desire to build connection, cooperation, to serve the greater good of all.


As you journal you will get clearer and clearer about how the negative ego, fear-based thought system pulls you off centre and into illusion and suffering. You will use your mind to understand your feelings and to gain clarity. You will see more and more how you have the choice to choose ego, separation, and fear or love, forgiveness and growth. You will understand more clearly what it means to take charge of yourself, to be the master of your physical body, your emotions and your thoughts. You will connect more and more with your Soul, your Higher Self, with your intuition, with purpose and meaning.

Every moment we have the choice to choose love or fear, to respond or to react, to choose ego or Soul, to get dragged into conflict or to transmute the energy of conflict to harmony.




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