The Soul’s Perspective


It is so different to see our experiences from the perspective of the Soul as opposed to the perspective of ego.

The ego sees problems and bummers. The Soul understands everything as being a lesson, challenge and opportunity to grow and to understand truth.

The ego struggles against what happens and sees it as unfair, bad, wrong, terrible, traumatic, something you can never get over. The Soul knows that each challenge holds an opportunity to grow in understanding and in our realisation of love and truth.

The ego sees separation and loneliness. The Soul sees connection and oneness.

The ego expects negative things to happen – is waiting for the next “thing” that’s round the corner. The ego warns you to prepare yourself by worrying and not getting too happy with how well things are going.

The Soul operates in positive expectation, trusting in the benevolence of life, knowing that as you learn from your challenges and focus on the opportunity in each one, that your consciousness expands, your heart and mind expand, life takes on deeper meaning.

The ego lives with threat and on constant high alert, always focused on security, safety caused by the belief that security is an outside job. If things are ok outside me, people like me, approve of me, think well of me and such, then I am secure, safe.

The Soul knows it is love and that fear is illusion – that insecurity is caused by the belief that you are a physical body, an ego, on your own.

The Spiritual path is about learning what the Soul already knows.

Over the next 2 weeks observe your reactions to what happens and see what it is like to understand what you experience from the perspective of the Soul.


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