Purpose and Meaning

Trees and skycloudsJR

Most of the time people are just getting along with the daily stuff, busy and consumed with the day to day. There is little or no thought or time for the bigger picture, the purpose of life. People also live in a lot of fear, worry, doubt. Notice how easily fear comes in and escalates – as you feed it. People deal with issues as they come and find themselves tossed around by the storms of life.

If you want to change this and stop fire-fighting as a way of managing your life, then you need to make space for Spirit and make that inner journey. Life truly is a precious opportunity and there is so much to learn, discover and remember.

Ask yourself what is the purpose of life and write about this in your journal. Imagine you are at the end of your life, looking back on it and think about what you would like your life to have been about.

To get clearer on the purpose of your life, it really helps to make space for meditation, journaling and time in nature at the very least. Each day you need to set aside time for these and make them a priority. These are the practices that will give shape and meaning to your life.

Meditation is time to connect with Spirit and with your Higher Self – and so with love. Just sit in a place where you have quiet and are comfortable, close your eyes and be aware of your breath. Feel your lower abdomen rise and fall as you breathe. When your mind strays just bring it back to the breath. Then think of the word Love and feel the energy of this filling your being. Stay in stillness for 5 to 10 minutes to begin with and increase this gradually until you are able to meditate for 20 minutes. Some days will be better than others in your estimation but it is all good and you will reap the benefits from it as you stay with it. If you forget just get back to it. Don’t give yourself a hard time and never give up. It’s all about keeping on, persevering and finding the gold.

Journaling is also essential to us in our journey through life. When you journal you are listening to yourself and tapping in to your inner wisdom. When you journal with the understanding that everything is teaching you exactly what you need to learn and seeking to discover the opportunity in every lesson/challenge, then you heal and grow. You are taking charge of yourself and your life and no longer feeling a victim.



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