Interpreting through the eyes of the Soul



It is so different to see our experiences from the perspective of the Soul as opposed to the perspective of ego.

When you are focused on learning to live as a Soul and to learn what this means, then when something happens you are more prepared to think about it as a challenge and opportunity. We can get this with our minds but it can be a different matter when it comes to an actual challenge.

We need to think about this often – that everything that happens is teaching us – that nothing is a bummer: to stop and bless the lesson and think what can I learn from this? What needs healing in me?

Say in your family you felt let down some years back. You felt they acted in a way that was uncaring toward you. You hold this in your heart and think thoughts like I can’t let them away with this. You keep the pain and suffering of that time alive in you and it keeps pulling you down as if it is happening over and over again. You are the one who is suffering and you are carrying this negative energy around with you all the time. Just think, you are living and reliving that suffering over and over again. Why would you continue with this? Why is it so hard to let go of it and forgive?

Because the ego sees this as unforgivable – because you see it as a bummer, wrong, shouldn’t have happened to you – how bad and wrong they were.  This keeps you stuck in a cycle of negativity.

When you think of this from the perspective of the Soul, you would understand it very differently. This lesson was brought to me by my Soul because I needed it. It’s a very tough one for me, bringing up feelings of rejection, hurt, anger.  I want to understand the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, interpretations in me that are causing these negative feelings so I can free myself of them and heal.  I don’t want to carry the burden of a grudge in my heart. I know I can take charge of my thoughts and feelings and choose forgiveness, understanding and love.  I turn to my Higher Self and ask for help with this.



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