Attachment to the Past



Why do we find it so hard to let go of the past, to let go of old experiences and the way we interpret them? Why do we find it so hard to listen to new ideas, new ways of thinking?

So many people live in the past – remembering hurts, old wounds, believing nobody understands their pain enough. So much energy locked up in the past. How much energy is left to live now, in the present?

The past can cloud a person’s life so that they are not really living – they are suffering.

Think how much it happens that a person has had a difficult experience and they say but that happened to me, it’s real, it can’t just go away. But what keeps it alive? Your focus on it, you holding onto it and refusing to let it go.

Why is it held on to? Because we think that is all you can do, because we just can’t let that person/persons get away with what they did. It’s like we believe it’s so much a part of us, almost who we are in some cases, and to let it go seems like madness.

Yes, people do wrong, we all do wrong and we all pay back for this. It is not up to me to ensure another person pays back for what they have done. My part is to forgive, let go and attend to what in me needs changing and healing. When I see my own faults, weaknesses, mistakes then I learn mercy, compassion.

Here is a whole other way of thinking about our lives and our experiences – a new way of understanding the meaning of what we experience in life. To me it makes much more sense and it puts me in charge of my life and not a victim of what happens or has happened.

We have many lives, not just one. Each of us comes into life to learn particular lessons and before we come in we have worked with our Higher Self to decide on the lessons we need to learn in this life.

For me, reincarnation makes sense. As a child I was taught about purgatory – that idea that we stay in this place waiting and waiting till we are ready and pure enough to enter Heaven.  I didn’t like the idea of this at all – hanging around for an eternity. Then, as an adult I read the book the Wild Swans. As I finished the book I thought, thank God I didn’t grow up in China. Then I began to think. Yes, I have had lives like these too and now I am living here in a much easier life. I am at a stage in my evolution where I am to learn different lessons. This life is really a very privileged life. I am not living in a war torn area of the world. I don’t need to be taken up with survival issues. I can open to greater understanding of the meaning and purpose of life.

So I thought that is how it is. We have many lives and each life we come in to learn particular lessons. Everything is teaching us exactly what we are to learn, exactly what will help us to grow and understand more and to live as a Soul.


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