When your buttons are pushed, when you are upset by something, the cause of the upset is within you. We need to keep reminding ourselves of this.

Yes, the other person may be acting inappropriately but they are the trigger of your reaction, your upset – not the cause.

The cause of your reaction is your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, interpretations. When we truly take this on we can really begin to see changes in our experience of life.

It is I who gives meaning to everything I see and experience.

When I get upset, it is because there is some faulty thinking in me that is coming up to the light to be cleared and healed.

I interpret what I experience and give it a particular meaning depending on the stories I tell myself, my past experiences, the attitudes and beliefs I hold.

I interpret what happens through the lens of my gender, my culture, my past, my understanding and so forth.

I might interpret the behaviour and words of another as rejecting me, criticising me or putting me down. This does not mean that this was the intention of the other.

I can transform any experience by choosing to see it through the eyes of my Soul – as teaching me exactly what I need to learn now, in this moment.



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