What it means to live in Soul consciousness



When we live in ego consciousness it’s all about me, how everything affects me. I think in terms of me and my. This is where we have been stuck for a long time because we didn’t know there was another way.

When I am thinking in terms of me, my, mine, my Soul is imprisoned and I am living in separation and fear. I am all focused on trying to be liked, be accepted, fit in, feel safe.  I am consistently on high alert trying to work out what is expected of me in any given situation. I am disconnected from my  Self, my Soul.

My Soul, my Higher Self, is my inner compass. We have a Higher Self, a Soul, always guiding us, always there for us. We need to learn to attune to our Higher Self and ask for help and guidance – and listen. We need to make quiet inner time every day so we can build our relationship to our Higher Self.

Living in Soul consciousness means aiming to always see what happens as teaching us – seeing it as an opportunity to learn, to grow in love and think in terms of we, us, the world. Everything that happens brings us the opportunity to learn to see from the Soul’s perspective rather than the ego’s perspective. Everything is teaching us to remember what our Soul already knows.

Living in Soul consciousness means using our minds more – thinking about things rather than going with our emotions and giving our power away to them. When we calm our emotions we can see and think more clearly.

Living in Soul consciousness means practising and building the qualities of the Soul. Love, joy, peace, gratitude, trust, abundance, willpower and, all such beautiful qualities, are seed potentials within us but we need to pay attention to them, call them in, practise them so that we develop them.

Everyday choose to start the day by focusing on a particular Soul energy so you can build it and make it stronger in your life. Focus on one quality for a week and whenever you feel pulled to negativity, take your attention away from the negativity and focus on a Soul quality or energy.

Just think, when you choose to not entertain negative thoughts and instead fill your mind and heart with love, you send the energy of love out into the world, into mass consciousness instead of the negativity – and you are filled with that love too. It takes practice.


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