What you focus on



When you focus on a habit in another which irritates you, you give this energy and you see more and more of it.

When instead you make an effort to focus on what you appreciate in another person and focus on your love for them or wishing the very best for them, you see increase in this – increase of love and appreciation and good feeling, and increase in whatever quality in them you have chosen to focus on.

When you focus on setbacks, sickness, symptoms, things you fear, you give these energy and you see more and more of them.

If you keep thinking about what has upset you, going over and over it in your mind, your upset gets stronger. When you focus on your wounds from the past, you keep them alive, you keep experiencing them.

What you focus on increases.  Where you put your attention you are giving energy to.

Say you are waiting for someone and you feel impatient. The more you focus on the waiting the more impatient you get. If instead you decide to use the time to relax yourself, connect with yourself and your choice to relax, you feel very different.

When we have pain and we focus on it, it increases. I once read about a woman who had a pain in one part of her body and she was experiencing this as very difficult. Then she developed a pain in another part of her body and realised a few days later that she was no longer feeling the original pain even though it was still there. Fear makes pain stronger and difficult to manage and it makes us feel powerless. Pain is telling us something. We need to listen and understand.

Focus on something you’re worried about and it gets stronger. Anxiety builds as we give it attention and with it, a sense of powerlessness.  We can choose instead to stop the worry, the anxiety and use our minds to think differently and stop giving our power away to anxiety. Worry is negative affirmation and we don’t want to give this energy.

What you focus on, increases. What you focus on and give attention to, you intensify and strengthen. Energy follows thought and thoughts are powerful. They create.


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