Spiritual Growth 4


Spiritual growth involves growth on 3 levels – the physical/earthly level, the psychological/consciousness level and the Spiritual level.

In order to grow in a full and balanced way we need to attend to all 3 levels.

The Spiritual level is about developing your relationship to the Divine, to Spirit, to your Higher Self. It’s about developing your conscious mind and your higher abstract mind – your ability to understand ideas and higher realities and to think beyond the knowledge you obtain from the 5 physical senses.

Meditation is very important. It’s a time to still that monkey mind and to concentrate your energies and mind. It’s a time to connect with your Higher Self and to learn to listen to the voice of Spirit, your inner guidance. You will not hear this until you make time to listen – every day and best of all to meditate at the same time every day. Set up a daily rhythm. This can seem difficult in the beginning but if you stick with it you’ll find it fitting in easily and making a very big difference in your life.

Guidance and solutions are there for us if we still the mind, ask and take time to listen. The ideas will come. Your Soul is your inner compass but you must make time to connect with your Soul and to listen. Generally we give our power away to the external code of fear rather than listening to and trusting this loving, wise guidance from within. Inner guidance is never negative. It always is loving and positive and leads you to be more and better. Always use your conscious mind and common sense too.

Prayer is another part of this level. Ask for what you want, for the help you need. You can’t be helped until you ask. Also pray for others, for our world – send love and light to all the world. Rather than worry about others, bless them. Bless others constantly.

Another important aspect of our Spiritual growth is to make sure to put into practise all you are learning – and to practise all 3 levels of Spiritual growth. It’s all too easy to shelve ideas and just continue living the same old way. You won’t grow until you live what you are learning.

Start your day by attuning to your Soul and Spirit before getting out of bed and focus on a Soul Power – on love, joy, peace, strength, gratitude. Hold your focus on it for the day.

Seek to always grow and improve and to live in Soul consciousness.



Spiritual Growth 3


The psychological/consciousness level has 2 aspects – consciousness work and clearing the energy fields – because negative thinking and feeling cause negative energy to lodge in the energy field.

Consciousness work is about becoming aware of your negative thoughts, emotions, expectations, behaviour, patterns, so that you can clear and heal them. For so much of life we have been unaware of these, unaware of the hold of negative patterns in our lives. Nothing is taught about these in school and yet these are essential life skills. Now we have the opportunity to understand how the negative ego is operating in our consciousness and to change our experience of being a victim in life.

We get clearer on this when we understand lessons like personal power, self love and worth, preferences vs. attachments, 2 ways of thinking, 2 emotions, how our thoughts create our feelings.

We also help ourselves so much when we journal and seek to understand what our lessons and challenges are teaching us. When you are upset by something, sit and journal and write about the experience using these 4 questions – what happened? How did I react? Why did it upset me? What was it teaching me? This helps you in so many ways. You begin to see how the cause of the upset is within you. The other or the situation is the trigger but not the cause. When you focus on becoming aware of and changing your patterns, you experience real healing. It does take time and it really helps to do some of this work in groups as you realise how this negativity is operating in all of us. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Clearing this is our path back home to love.

When you journal, you are listening to yourself [something we don’t do too much of], you are using your mind to understand your feelings and to take charge, you are beginning to connect with the wisdom and guidance within you and the loving presence of your Soul, your Higher Self.

We have not understood how to clear our consciousness – this essential Soul psychology has been missing in our education, but now we are getting more messages about how essential it is and many books are appearing on the matter which is great.

We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and the negativity we create and to become very clear about what we truly desire to create in ourselves and in our world. When we change ourselves, we help all. When we choose to focus on and build positive, spiritual energies in ourselves, we radiate these energies out into our world. This is powerful.

Negative thoughts and emotions cause negative energy to lodge in our fields and when we consciously replace these negative patterns with Soul Powers such as love, joy, peace, gratitude, faith, trust, abundance, kindness, we clear the negative energy. We now carry these wonderful energies around in our aura instead of the negative energies that drain us and drag us down and bring us more of what we don’t want. Let’s focus on creating more and more of what we do want.


Spiritual Growth 2


Spiritual growth involves growth on 3 levels – the physical/earthly level, the psychological/consciousness level and the Spiritual level.

The Psychological/Consciousness Level:

There is so much for us to learn and to understand about this level and once we take it on we will begin to realise what causes our suffering and how we can heal.  We will begin to realise that we can learn through deepening our understanding rather than from the school of hard knocks – where we learn through suffering – repeating the same old lessons over and over.

The first two major lessons on this level are personal power and self love and worth. Developing personal power is about taking charge of yourself and all your energies; choosing the thoughts you allow into your mind and those you don’t allow, understanding that we become what we think about all day long. When we first become more aware of our thoughts we see how negative they are so much of the time, generally fear-based and full of negative expectations. When we desire, and work, to fill our minds and hearts with spiritual, positive, love-based, joyful thoughts then this is the energy we are carrying around with us and radiating out to the world and this is what we experience more and more of in our lives.

Developing self love and worth is also essential to our psychological and Spiritual health. Your relationship to yourself is the most important relationship in your life because if you don’t love yourself it affects all your relationships – you are constantly seeking love, affirmation, security, approval, from others, from outside yourself, and this is not where it is.  When you learn to love yourself then you come into relationship with others as a whole being, rather than a part who believes that what you need is outside of yourself and your whole existence depends on you getting this. Others can never satisfy our love and security needs. We must first learn to love ourselves.

You first need to make the choice to love yourself – understanding and continually reminding yourself that you are a Soul, you are divine, you are love. You are not that lowly worm, not good enough, separate, trying to fit in, always under threat. Always speak to yourself as you would to a best friend. Your critical inner parent will focus on the little part you didn’t do so well and give you a hard time. Replace that pattern with an inner parent who is very focused on what you are doing well and points these out and then with the bit that needs improving you choose to improve and work out a plan to help yourself with this. Love and firmness, gratitude and acknowledgement of victories – are all essential to learning to love yourself. Never give yourself a hard time or speak in a critical, harsh way to yourself – these faulty habits just have you feel unlovable and unworthy and that is illusion.


Spiritual Growth


Spiritual growth involves growth on 3 levels – the physical/earthly level, the psychological/consciousness level and the Spiritual level.

The Physical/Earthly Level:

It is important to take charge of your physical body and to love and care for it, appreciate it for how well it serves you and do your part to keep it strong and healthy. Making conscious choices as to what you will and will not eat, planning nutritious meals, drinking plenty of good fresh water, overcoming addictions rather than letting them run you, getting regular fresh air and exercise, consciously breathing the air and enjoying the goodness of it in your body.

Be aware of your energy and when it is low or good. Think about what has decreased your energy and what helps you to maintain a good energy level and to feel full of vitality. If you wake with a headache, don’t reach for the pill to kill the symptom, think and write in your journal about what might have caused the headache. Every effect has a cause and every cause has an effect. What did you eat or drink the night before? Was your bedroom lacking air? Are you dehydrated? Did you go to bed with something upsetting on your mind or too much worrying over something? Were you tense, stressed going to bed and if so, why? If you don’t sleep well, think about why and try out different ideas – such as no stimulants after 5pm, cutting down on stimulants generally – and sugar is a major stimulant as well as coffee and tea. Are you using screens late at night, too close to bedtime? Are you relaxed before bed? Are you going to bed too late? A good night-time routine is important.

If you are constantly saying I’m tired or exhausted, your body will respond with tiredness and exhaustion. Balance being and doing, making time to relax as well as work and completing tasks. Then if you feel tired think about why, what is causing this. The biggest cause of tiredness and drain of energy is negative thinking and feeling, negative expectations and focus.

Listen to the messages your body is giving you – don’t put your focus on getting rid of the symptoms. Every symptom is letting you know that you are out of balance in some way and this might be at the physical level or the psychological or the Spiritual level. Every symptom is calling you to learn and grow, calling you to more awareness. A symptom is telling you there’s something you need to pay attention to. Take responsibility for your body and seek to listen to it and to always deepen your understanding.

Building Abundance Consciousness


Copy of sun-150x150

Money has become so corrupted by greed and selfishness and so locked up in the hands of a few. Poverty or lack consciousness is widespread. Money is an energy and we can free it by doing our part to build and live abundance consciousness. Remember the mind creates. What we hold in our minds, we manifest. This truth about the power of the mind has been spoken of by many great minds throughout history but we fail to take it on and live it.

We need to make a clear conscious choice that we desire to build and, to live in, abundance consciousness. We need to get our will behind this choice. Get your will behind your decision to choose abundance and go for it.


The next step is to give thanks for all you have – see how much you do have and bless it. Lack thinking has us so focused on lack that we fail to see what we do have and to be grateful for it. True gratitude brings increase.

Expect abundance.  Desire abundance. Consciously choose to let go of lack and to welcome abundance knowing it is yours if you desire it exclusively.  [This means you do not entertain doubt].


Visualise yourself living in abundance, experiencing abundance and all that it enables you to do in our world.

What do you see? Build this image and visit it regularly. Work with it at least once a day but preferably 3 times a day. If you want to create abundance consciousness you have to be very determined to work consistently on it. Whenever you’re waiting or queuing bring your abundance image to mind.


Write about the difference abundance will make to you and our world. Write in detail and enjoy this. Let your imagination work on it.


Hold the thought of abundance unwaveringly.


Vow to never allow words of lack such as I can’t afford that or money is tight. Never allow these thoughts or words. If you focus on lack you intensify and strengthen your experience of lack. If you do fall down, forgive self and write about the incident and what pulled you to think and/or speak in terms of lack. Re-write the situation where you think and speak abundance and vow to think only abundance from now on. Be determined.

Remind yourself that it is only your belief in poverty and you’re negative ego consciousness that prevents the abundance.


When you pay a bill give thanks to Spirit for having the abundance to do so. Enjoy paying bills.


Bless the money you have and the money you receive and give.

Give and receive money with gratitude in your heart.

Give and receive money freely.


Share what you have. To get we must give. It’s the nature of abundance to give and share. Receiving is tied in with giving.


Use your money to support those products, services, inventions, causes and channels that serve humanity and evolution. This is important. We need to use the abundance for good.


If you need more income sit with your journal and ask your Higher Self and Spirit to guide you to find work that will create income and structure in your life. Sometimes one of the obstacles to abundance is resistance to work. Regard your challenges with lack as teaching you exactly what you need to learn to help you to progress on your path and understand more.

Think about the hours you could work and think about the work you could see yourself doing.  Use imagination.  Write down what you come up with so you ground it. Acknowledge your fears, too, and don’t allow them to control you and hold you prisoner.

Keep focused and determined.


Affirm “I see abundance everywhere in our Universe and in my life.”

I give thanks for the abundance in my life.

Abundance, abundance, abundance.

I am ready to welcome abundance into my life.


Every day write in your journal about how you are determined to replace poverty and lack consciousness with abundance consciousness and about which part of the above outlined ideas you want to focus on for the next 7 days and then add on more ideas. Keep active on this if you really want to see changes in your experience of abundance, and to make a difference in our world with your abundance.


Based on an article from the I Am University