Spiritual Growth 4


Spiritual growth involves growth on 3 levels – the physical/earthly level, the psychological/consciousness level and the Spiritual level.

In order to grow in a full and balanced way we need to attend to all 3 levels.

The Spiritual level is about developing your relationship to the Divine, to Spirit, to your Higher Self. It’s about developing your conscious mind and your higher abstract mind – your ability to understand ideas and higher realities and to think beyond the knowledge you obtain from the 5 physical senses.

Meditation is very important. It’s a time to still that monkey mind and to concentrate your energies and mind. It’s a time to connect with your Higher Self and to learn to listen to the voice of Spirit, your inner guidance. You will not hear this until you make time to listen – every day and best of all to meditate at the same time every day. Set up a daily rhythm. This can seem difficult in the beginning but if you stick with it you’ll find it fitting in easily and making a very big difference in your life.

Guidance and solutions are there for us if we still the mind, ask and take time to listen. The ideas will come. Your Soul is your inner compass but you must make time to connect with your Soul and to listen. Generally we give our power away to the external code of fear rather than listening to and trusting this loving, wise guidance from within. Inner guidance is never negative. It always is loving and positive and leads you to be more and better. Always use your conscious mind and common sense too.

Prayer is another part of this level. Ask for what you want, for the help you need. You can’t be helped until you ask. Also pray for others, for our world – send love and light to all the world. Rather than worry about others, bless them. Bless others constantly.

Another important aspect of our Spiritual growth is to make sure to put into practise all you are learning – and to practise all 3 levels of Spiritual growth. It’s all too easy to shelve ideas and just continue living the same old way. You won’t grow until you live what you are learning.

Start your day by attuning to your Soul and Spirit before getting out of bed and focus on a Soul Power – on love, joy, peace, strength, gratitude. Hold your focus on it for the day.

Seek to always grow and improve and to live in Soul consciousness.



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