Personal Power is


Personal Power is the power in you –

To choose love rather than fear.

To choose the thoughts you allow into your mind and those you don’t allow.

To take responsibility for yourself and what you experience

To keep learning, growing, improving, progressing.

To be ready to acknowledge your faults and weaknesses, with love and forgiveness and to firmly work to clear and heal them.

To be true to your Self

To choose love rather than to be right.

To think before you speak.

To be clear about your motives

To choose to live a life of purpose and meaning

To give of your best

To make a difference in our world

To use your power to think and not give your power away to your emotions

To put up your Golden Forcefield of Love all around you first thing in the morning and any time you are experiencing other people’s negativity – surrounding yourself in love and understanding – real protection.

To replace a vice with a virtue; to switch your attention from negativity to spiritual, positive thinking and feeling.

To make conscious choices

To respond rather than to react.

To master your energies and use them in service of love

To sacrifice your lower self and to live from your higher self. To not give in to your ego but instead to choose the way of your Soul, the way of love.  seeing everything through the eyes of your Soul

To refuse to express a negative emotion while at the same time acknowledging it, taking responsibility for it as your own emotion and journaling to understand what in you caused it so that you can resolve it and heal it.

To move out of your comfort zone

To continually set goals and stick to them always seeking to improve.

To make daily /weekly plans, to have order and structure in your life [never rigid, always ready to adapt and yet not giving up on your plan or structure]

To overcome addictions, to set limits to TV viewing and use of screens, to get to bed at a certain hour so that you can also get up at a time that gives you the space to prepare for your day.

To never give up.

Personal power is about decisiveness, determination, courage, steadfastness, direction, discipline.

Personal power is a seed potential within you but you need to claim it and use it and use it for good.  You develop it by using it, setting goals and sticking to them and by realising how essential it is to your health, well being and growth. You have the strength and personal power within you that everyone else has.



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