Working with the Law



What does it mean to work with the law and what is the purpose of the Universal laws?

The laws are there to keep us on track to discovering truth, to help us to understand why we suffer so that we can change this and to help us to understand how the cause of our suffering is within us. So if we want to heal and stop experiencing the same old lessons in life then we need to work with the Law – to discover them and apply them/live them so that they can help us. They are not there to punish us but to guide us to deeper understanding.

The cause of your suffering is not outside you even though that is a belief we have held for a long time in spite of it not helping at all. It’s also easier to see the faults of others while difficult to see our own but the more you work with becoming more and more aware of when you are upset and  why it is upsetting you, the more conscious you become. You are no longer pulled into feeling the victim of your suffering.

It’s not about changing others and making them understand – believing that this is what will make you happy. It’s about seeing lessons, upsets, as challenges and opportunities to learn exactly what you need to learn now so that you can progress on your Spiritual path and expand your consciousness, your understanding, growing in love and compassion.


Let’s focus on the Law of Cause and Effect. Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause.

If you have a headache or any other physical symptom, that is an effect. Don’t cover it over with a quick fix – ignoring this important message your body is giving you. Instead trace the effect back to the cause.

If you are experiencing anger or any other negative emotion, trace the emotion back to the thoughts, interpretations, beliefs, attitudes, that caused the negative emotion. Think about and understand what has caused the effect of the negative emotion and make adjustments. What do you need to clear and heal?

If you find you are playing a thought or experience over and over in your mind, take your journal and listen to what’s going on for you. It seems like something has upset you and your mind is dwelling on it, playing the experience back and so your emotions are getting stronger and stronger and the whole experience is growing out of all proportion. You need to write it down and make a choice. Do I want this to take me over like this and ruin my day? Or do I want to understand why it upset me, see it as a lesson and learn what it is teaching me? Then you need to work hard to let it go – so every time your mind focuses on the experience you use your personal power and say no and immediately think of something else, or sing or listen to music, choose love, joy, peace and so forth. It’s not easy but the more you seek to take charge and to not let negative thoughts and emotions take you over, the stronger you get and the more power you have to not let negativity and ego take you over.

I find it helps me to make a statement such as I am choosing love. I will not allow this negativity to take me over. Don’t get put out if the thoughts come up again just persist in not allowing them. You see you are focusing on the experience as unfair and feel put down, put in the wrong because of it and you want revenge. But that’s just the pull back into playing the negative ego, fear-based separative game which keeps you imprisoned in negative ego repeating the same old patterns. That’s what causes wars – being stuck in the same old thinking and believing it’s the only way to change things. Why do we keep believing that, when it never changes anything and just keeps the lesson repeating? As soon as you learn the lesson of a challenge you don’t need to experience that lesson again. That’s a lesson learned.



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